Friday, December 4, 2009

Cheers to you

Baby Boot Camp started in Portland Metro April 9th, 2005. Since then it grew and evolved into the uber active supportive community of the premier stroller fitness classes that not only a fantastic workout, but also an incredible community.  YOU worked hard at not only becoming outstanding Moms, but also incredible athletes and for a few incredible franchise owners.  You have done thousands of jumping jacks, planks, bicep curls, lunges, airplanes and running races.  To know we all worked so hard together to cheer one another on in every athletic endeavor, and every new baby born is priceless.  As I move on and back to the Bay Area, I look forward to hearing of the stories about class feats, outstanding Moms, and new adventures you have done.  Enjoy growing your new communities within Baby Boot Camp, have fun with the new instructors, and challenge one another each day.   Set goals to go to class at least 3-5x/week during the holidays and the new year to come...get into the best shape possible and have fun with the premier team of franchise owners- Gina, Kristine, Linda, Sharon, Stephanie, Suzy and Trisha.

Gina Lee- Clackamas-
Kristine Moreschali and Linda Huseby- SW Portland-Lake Oswego-Tigard-Tualitin- Willsonville-
Sharon Zemp-Sellwood and greater SE Portland-
Stephanie Summers- Portland Metro NE/NW/North-
Suzy Schlaadt- Beaverton-
Trisha Slade- Hillsboro & Newberg-

Cheers to you!

Erin Shirey
* If you are ever in the Bay Area and would like to go for a run or grab a cup of coffee email me-

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Week Break!

Have a fun time during your Thanksgiving Week Break from Baby Boot Camp classes.  Exercise with your family, enjoy the time, and we look forward to seeing you at the Turkey Trot tomorrow and on Saturday for my last Baby Boot Camp class.  I am thankful for you and your fantastic selves every day.

Erin Shirey

Thanksgiving Break- no classes- 11/25-11/27
Turkey Trot- 11/26 at the Oregon Zoo
Erin's Last Class-11/28 9am at Lloyd Center Mall

Friday, November 20, 2009

Special Class- Bring a Coat- Get a CLASS! 25 hours away!!

Good Morning!
Are you excited and ready to rock your workout tomorrow?  It is the Baby Boot Camp Free Class for Coats at Lloyd Center Mall.  The class is bound to be special, and I can't wait to see you there.  Please bring your Mom, sister, hubby, bestie who has been eager to try class and join us for a rockin' workout followed with coffee and treats.  Classes will be right on time, and we should be done by 10:30ish.  There is a story time following class at Barnes and Noble at 11 am too- yeah for fun mornings! 

Info & Link  to More info:
Join for a very special Baby Boot Camp class to not only get  a smashing workout in, but to help other kids in need during the winter months.

Baby Boot Camp - Bring a Coat- Get a Class!
During the holidays there are many kids in need of warm clothes. It is also a time when many of us "overdo" the eating and need to reach our health and fitness goals and exercise more.  Let's combine the two together. Grab your best friend, come check out Baby Boot Camp and join for a FREE FUN FILLED Baby Boot Camp class at Lloyd Center Mall. 

* Photo is pre-coat season, but check out those strong Moms! 
When: Saturday, November 21st, 2009
Time: 9:00 am
Why: To get a fantastic workout with some of the veteran instructors and train with friends and family
Where: Meet on the 1st Floor in front Old Navy. 
RSVP: Erin Shirey- or Stephanie Summers-

* First 40 people get goodie bags, and brand new Fisher Price Art Toys!
* For every coat you bring, you get 5 raffle tickets.  The more coats, the more raffle tickets.
* Raffle benefiting Dress for Success.  Tickets are $5/each, or 5/$20.  Raffle prizes are from Fit Right Northwest, Foot Bar Body Bar, Black Wagon, Milagros, Baby Boot Camp, and many other great prizes. 
* HUGE Class specials to keep you moving and shaking throughout the Winter months!

Jenny Hansson of Channel 6 Joined Us Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

The segment from today - a nice little piece to get Moms motivated for working out Baby Boot Camp style. Loves to the gals who were working hard today and cheers to Jenny who did a fantastic job.  


thank you thank you thank you

Email  from Instructor Anne to everyone:
On November 28, our very own Erin Shirey is planning to teach her very last Baby Boot Camp class. 


I know, doesn't seem possible right? 
Sadly, we must proceed as if it is nonetheless. So...
*Secret Mom's Night Out, honoring Erin ShireyMeet for drink and apps
Next Wednesday, Nov. 18, 8:00 pmKell's Irish Pub 

Tuesday (11/17), please email me your notes and stories about memorable
moments with Erin. We plan to present her with a little album for her.
Of course, you're invited to contribute regardless of your attendance
plans for MNO.
My Email: apkoski(at)gmail(dot)com

knows we're planning something; she just doesn't know what, so you're
approved to tease her! Also, she won't be on Yahoo Groups until after
this event, so if you want her to read your YG post, email it to

- Instructor Anne
Kells it was and we had a blast!!!!
You are all WONDERFUL!!!! Wednesday night was so very special, I can't
even tell you. To look around and see so many incredible, dynamic,
loving, healthy, active, energetic, supportive and just phenomenal women
who I got to see daily since April 9, 2005, was heartwarming. TO have
read your stories touched me more than you know.

What you guys don't know is I had a file on my computer compiled "nice
emails" and it was the emails I received over the years from BBC
participants about their experience. Our computer crashed 3 weeks ago
and I lost that was my history of YOU. So without realizing
it you guys gave me an even bigger gift with your time to write
something about why you enjoyed Baby Boot Camp, training with my silly
self, training with the entire team of rockstar instructors and newfound
athletic selves. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I love and adore all of you and thank you for being YOU.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Blog That Could Benefit You

I blog for Mamapreneurs Inc. and just did a blog that may help some of you Mamas and Papas in regards to being laid off.  Last Thursday Jack was laid off...without severance and without benefits.  It is part of the reason I had to decide on a set date for my last class...we don't know if we are packing up our home and having to move come the holidays for a few job opportunities that have presented themselves.  Take a minute :  Mamapreneurs Inc- When Your Better Half Is Laid Off

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Hey ladies! 
We are doing a special class at the Lloyd Center Mall.  I hope to see many of you there! Danielle and I will be teaching class, and excited to make it a blast for all. This will be a fantastic opportunity for you to bring your friend who was curious about classes and you've been eager to have join Baby Boot Camp, meet everyone and 

have fun together.   
Cheers to you!
Erin Shirey

Join for a very special Baby Boot Camp class to not only get  a smashing workout in,
but to help other kids in need during the winter months.

Baby Boot Camp - Bring a Coat- Get a Class!
During the holidays there are many kids in need of warm clothes. It is also a time when many of us "overdo" the eating and need to reach our health and fitness goals and exercise more.  Let's combine the two together. Grab your best friend, come check out Baby Boot Camp and join for a FREE FUN FILLED Baby Boot Camp class at Lloyd Center Mall. 

* Photo is pre-coat season, but check out those strong Moms! 
When: Saturday, November 21st, 2009
Time: 9:00 am
Why: To get a fantastic workout with some of the veteran instructors and train with friends and family

Where: Meet on the 1st Floor in front Old Navy. 
RSVP: Erin Shirey- or Stephanie Summers-

* First 40 people get goodie bags, and brand new Fisher Price Art Toys!
* For every coat you bring, you get 5 raffle tickets.  The more coats, the more raffle tickets.
* Raffle benefiting Dress for Success.  Tickets are $5/each, or 5/$20.  Raffle prizes are from Fit Right Northwest, Foot Bar Body Bar, Black Wagon, Milagros, Baby Boot Camp, and many other great prizes. 
* HUGE Class specials to keep you moving and shaking throughout the Winter months!

* Let's get coats for ALL kids before the snow comes to Portland!!

We look forward to seeing you there!
Be fit. Be strong. Be together! TM

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Reminder!! Lloyd Center Mall starts on Monday! November 2nd!

Happy Halloween!

Friendly reminder Lloyd Center Mall classes start on Monday, November 2nd, 9:00 am. We meet on the first floor, by Sears and Old Navy.  Park at the Sears end and the doors are open early.

M/W/F/Sa- 9:00 am-10:15 am
Tu/Th- 9:15-10:15 am

We look forward to seeing you there!

Anne and Erin

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Class!

Tomorrow marks the Annual Halloween Class!  Are you and your little monster/flower/pumpkin ready to work out?  Do you have your own costume or orange and black colors to wear??  It is also the last Washington Park class for the year and supposed to be beautiful.  Join us for this class, with Halloween cupcakes to follow to toast your little munchkin on their Halloween. 

Where: Washington Park
Time: 9:00 am
Why: Why the heck not??

Look forward to seeing you there!

Erin- Fancy Nancy Instructor, Makenzie the Princess and Emerson the Duck

Monday, October 12, 2009

No Laurelhurst Park Class on Tuesday, October 13th!!!

Due to a special event there is no Baby Boot Camp class tomorrow. Apologies for this inconvenience, as every possible back up instructor is either teaching or has an appointment. Please so one of the at home workouts and make sure to join Anne on Wednesday morning at 9:00 am for a bootay kickin' workout at LHP.

Erin Shirey and Stephanie Summers

Monday, September 21, 2009

babystar SALE!

WE LOVE SOME babystar! Check it:

sample sale at baby star on 9/25 from 9am-2pm!

please join us for our big blow-out sample sale this friday, september 25th! we will have amazing prices on our amazing baby star clothing and accessories and other brands are joining the fun too ... bunk bots, eleven collection shoes, hula mula, knuckleheads, picaflor kids and simple shoes.

baby star sample sale
friday, september 25th
9am - 2 pm
1801 nw upshur st., suite 560

please forward this onto anyone that you think would like to join the fun too!

hope to see you soon! cheers, baby star.

Friday, September 18, 2009

BBQ Rescheduled

Happy Friday!!!

Saturdays' BBQ is being reschedule. The weekend seemed to be rough for most people as it is one of the last "summer" weekends for people to enjoy the weather away. Thus the 4 of us, Sharon, Stephanie, Anne and I, have decided to do a special BBC pampering/wine meet and toast Stephanie and Sharon on their new adventures. We are deciding a date, but know logistically it will be easier because it is just the Mamas and not entire families.

Thanks so much for understanding and we look forward to seeing you in class!

Erin Shirey
Baby Boot Camp Director of Fitness Programming
2007 Franchise Owner of the Year
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Blog |
Twitter |

Saturday, September 5, 2009

FALL Promo!!





Baby Boot Camp!

Stick with your hard earned FIT self throughout the FALL! 3 Month Unlimited of Baby Boot Camp = $200! That is a $30 savings for you to not only be FIT, but be uber FIT for the Holdiay Season.
Offer Expires: 9/15/09
Must have coupon to redeem for price.

September Workout C&C - Cardio & Core

* 30 minute workout with your kiddo in a stroller or by yourself
olympics 2008
Jog 3 laps around a park (2 laps if small park)

Shuffle Run for 2 Minutes-
Pick three trees/ tennis court/ your kiddo as the center spot. Start at the middle and shuffle to the left, tag the ground in low squat. Shuffle back to the middle, tag ground. Shuffle to the right, tag ground.Repeat.

Hoover Hold and Point - 30 counts
Stay in steady plank and reach forward with your right arm. Return arm and reach with your left. If your child is in front of you tickle them each "reach". Repeat 30 times.

Bicycle -30 counts
Make sure to point your toes with each extension and maintain the size of an "apple" under your chin.

Jog 1 Lap and SPRINT 1 Lap Around the Park

6 Hill Repeats-
Find a hill and repeat it with the
First 2 reps- 65% intensity
Second 2 reps- 75% intensity
Last 2 reps- SPRINT

20 Mountain Climbers & 20 Boulders
Repeat 3x

Shuffle Run for 2 Minutes

Caterpillar - 15 repetitions
Start in standing position and bend over touching toes. Gradually walk hands out to plank position. Perform push up. Walk toes gradually to hands and stand up tall, extending arms overhead. Repeat 15 times.

3 Hill Repeats
1st- Skipping up Hill
2nd- Bum Kicks up Hill
3rd- SPRINT to TOP!!

Bicycle 30 counts

Plank on Forearms- Max Out
Repeat with rest of 30 seconds in between

Jog 1 Lap Around Park are now complete! Way to go rockstar!

© 2009 Erin Shirey

With CHANGE Comes New Adventures

With CHANGE Comes New Adventures

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." - President Barack Obama

Fall always reminds me of the excitement and anticipation that comes with a new school year. It reminds me of eagerly looking through the Macy's weekly to see the latest school clothes, getting new notebooks and pencils for class, the bubbling in my belly about the newness that lie ahead. I was one to be excited for the new school year, but also was a bit nervous of the changes that it could bring. I feel like that kid again now.
April 9th, 2005 - Grand Opening of Baby Boot Camp
Baby Boot Camp Grand OpeningSeptember marks my transition with Baby Boot Camp to a new owner, Stephanie Summers, who is incredible. I started Baby Boot Camp when Makenzie was shy of one, and now on September 8th, I will be walking her to Kindergarten. Time flies! When I began, I had no idea what lie ahead but jumped into the adventure with both feet. We had only lived in Portland for 8 months and I knew a handful of people. Now here I am searching through my folders of Baby Boot Camp information, but keep catching myself sorting through the photos. The real reason why I worked so hard building my business- YOU!

YOU had faith that a class allowing you to exercise with your child was a great fit for your lifestyle. YOU had hopes that this short spitfire would put you through a workout, but also work with your various needs and keep you challenged. YOU had openness and excitement to try new exercises and drills making you look silly, but feel incredible and energized. YOU had hopes of classes meeting your needs and opened yourself up to exercising in a group instead of solo. YOU truly kept me determined to work and keep classes going despite unexpected challenges with locations, rental increases, or wild weather conditions. I am beyond grateful for YOU.

Now it is time for a new change, and I am again bubbling with excitement for the next adventure. I am passing my "torch" of Baby Boot Camp Portland Metro, and will be launching my new business of small group training and boot camps. A business that will keep me on my toes in a new realm; one that allows me to work with veteran Baby Boot Campers (and their partners) who don't have babies anymore or are back to work. It will encompass workshops, fitness writing, and focus on early morning classes. A business that allows me to try a change and grow with it. I will still be teaching some classes and working with Baby Boot Camp, but am now the Director of Fitness Programming for the company. A position that allows me to help Franchise Owners further develop their knowledge of the health and fitness industry and create even more challenging and inclusive classes for YOU.
Emerson and Makenzie at Laurelhurst Park
Emerson and MakenzieIt is incredible when looking back over the past 4 1/2 years...I had no idea what lie ahead but was excited for the ride. Now, as I switch gears, I can't thank you enough for being on the journey with me.

Erin and Jack

Erin, Jack, Makenzie and Emerson Shirey

Erin and Jack at Grant Park

Friendly Reminder....

Saturday classes rotate-
9:00 am every Saturday

September at Laurelhurst Park
October at Washington Park
November -April 2010 we go inside to Lloyd Center Mall

Look forward to seeing you throughout the Fall!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Your gift- think about it

Today has been a tough day with my own kiddos. I have been challenged more than I want to be, and am excitedly awaiting my husband's return home from a Bachelor Party. I have had to bite my tongue for fear I would say something unkind, or react to fast and regret it later. But I have been pushed every which way I feel like a top spinning around and bouncing off of every surface I come into contact with. But I keep moving on...

Now why do I write that here- my blog for Baby Boot Camp? Because I know every one of YOU have had a day like this too. You LOVE your children but are ready to buy a one-way ticket to Hawaii. You want to take a bath and have the door stay locked and know the kids understand if the door is locked it means "do not enter". You are trying to do bills without a sweet little body hopping up and attacking the keyboard in your lap. You are ready to not repeat your request 10 times before the action is done, and have it be done without a tantrum or whining. Today is a day I have to believe is a gift let's me know how strong I am as a Mom and attempting to keep it together.

I have had quite a few times today of taking 5 big breaths before my next action, using my patient voice when wanting to YELL, consoling my little ones when wanting them to come and console me as I clean up the 100th mess of the day. But I have realized also how far I have come with my two sweet girls and while today has been rough, I need these days to truly test my own comfort zone in parenting. I am grateful for every day as an active and able bodied 33 year old gal, and even more grateful for having my two little blessings. AND days like today, where I went to church with my blessings- who blessing 1 whined loudly and for a looooong time she didn't have her legos with her and only had Barbies' (yes in church) and blessing 2 who tossed her pacifier two pews ahead with a loud screech, are the days I am grateful and honored to have been given them.

My little Blessings make me work harder, try harder, and understand how truly precious life is. They give me more strength to honestly be the Mom they can look up to, just as I do mine. The Mom they know loves and adores them, but also who loves and adores her life and gifts she's been given. I hope you have these days sometimes too. They truly test your patience and understanding of Motherhood, and give you the gumption to go full force and work harder at being the best person possible. Not only for your kiddos and family, but for yourself.



Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What is the NEXT Dream?

What is the NEXT dream?

"YOU must do things you think you can not do"
"I believe that anyone can conquer fear by doing the things he fears to do, provided he keeps doing them until he gets a record of successful experience behind him."
-Eleanor Roosevelt

I went to Washington DC in July with my Mom and Sister. It was my first non-work related trip away from my girls. I was excited, nervous and eager to have fun exploring DC. I have been there quite a few times when growing up, but for some reason, this trip truly had a profound impact on me. May it be that I am now a Mom to two bright and talented girls, and wasn't before. Is it because I am so passionate about health and fitness, and we are in the midst of healthcare crisis as a Nation? Is it because I am embarking on new adventures and dreams this Fall and excitedly open to the changes that lie ahead? Who knows, but it hit me and hit me hard- you honestly have the power within to become a GREAT leader and create your own dreams.

When in DC I went running a lot. It is how I explore a city and my time in the early morning to learn about the new cities sites and smells. I love people watching as I run and waving to other runners. My last run I decided to return to the Lincoln Memorial.

I ran through the Washington Mall towards the Lincoln Memorail and my mind was racing through all the historical events that have taken place there. Mostly I was thinking about the leaders who were eager to make a change and challenge themselves to follow their hearts. It is interesting when looking back in time at those who put themselves out there did so with guts and determination, encouraging others eyes to open and feel the intensity and passion about their various causes. Be it Washington in becoming the first President in a newly independent country, Lincoln helping create a united country for everyone and abolishing slavery, Eleanor Roosevelt encouraging all to have love and respect despite their special needs, or Martin Luther King Jr. who wanted ALL to have equal rights despite their ethnicity or gender.

Washington DCI ran to the top step in front of the Lincoln Memorial to the exact position where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood when he culminated the March on Washington with the historic "I Have A Dream" speech. I looked down the Mall at the Washington Monument and closed my eyes envisioning the thousands of people sharing in Dr. King's vision. The people who came out and needed a leader to listen to their concerns, and be the voice who could speak their words. I was beyond overcome with emotion and started to cry. The passion Dr. King and the other leaders had to not only wish for a change, but MAKE IT HAPPEN despite the unknown challenges is profound. Not everyone will put themselves out there for others, but what people don't realize is how they CAN!

I continued my run and had a vision in my head- that of the leaders practicing the changes that need to happen for our country to be healthier. it was a comical vision of Congress and Senate in their suits doing a boot camp workout on the Mall, but I realized that IS my vision. In order for our kids to be healthy they need to see their parents model the behavior. In order for adults to be healthy they need to see the leaders of all realms of life model healthy behavior. And I am determined to make that challenge at a time.

Thus I ask you, are you walking the walk as you talk the talk? Are you exercising daily, eating your fruits and veggies, taking time to meditate and do something for your own wellness, and are you talking positively to yourself daily? In order for us to implement our dreams we need to believe, and I believe you have the POWER to accomplish anything possible. The hardest part is the first action of commitment, once that is done, map out your dream and make change happen. YOU are a great leader, but make sure to BELIEVE it TOO!

olympics 2008- Erin Shirey, Baby Boot Camp Portland Metro & Baby Boot Camp Leadership Coach
* after the Hulaman Triathlon 8.16.09


POWER Outdoor Fitness FUN
Match maker, match maker make me a wish!
POWER Outdoor Fitness - Single in the City
olympics 2008
"Singleton Class"
Wednesdays, 6:00 pm,
Tennis Courts facing Japanese Garden entrance

Many Baby Boot Campers shared that their sisters and brothers have been eager to find a hottie who can outrun them, or the Baby Boot Camp single Mamas have asked where to find a truly active guy she can have a push up contest or train for a marathon with. Look NO further than this hard core, fun, goofy class that will not only kick fanny but lead to finding an active partner in life.

We have been doing market research at various Portland cones power ooutdoor fitnessgyms, pubs, work events and asked guys and gals what they most look in a first date....and it was unanimous to have fun, not be to serious, be active and laugh! Thus the class came to be!

When: Wednesdays in September
Time: 6:00 pm starts
Where: Washington Park Tennis Courts
Followed With: Pub Fun at Bridgeport Brewpub
NW Marshall & NW 13th

And other news at POWER Outdoor Fitness:
  • Register for West Linn POWER- Tu/Th 6:00 am
  • Register for Portland POWER-M/W/F 6:00 am Washington Park
  • Register for Portland POWER - M/TH-9:30 am Irving Park
  • Brazilian Samba Soccer Clinics
  • Boomer Boot Camp starting in the Fall

Samba Soccer Skills Clinics

Have your kids learn specific skill sets in the manner and tradition of the most successful soccer power in the world. Your kids will also be given training on fitness techniques, easily used on the field or at home to improve muscle and core strength, and improve speed and agility.

Jack Shirey has been a highly respected soccer coach, and soccer player having played for CA State Teams and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He traveled to Vietnam with an international team and helped train his teammates with his intense skill set. Jack did much research and training in the intense Brazilian style of play. Through his training as an instructor in POWER Outdoor Fitness and Soccer Coaching, Jack will coach and train the participants into not only becoming better players physically, but mentally too.
Registration is capped at 12, and a target age group of 10-15 years old. Clinics will be ongoing, one weekend per/month. Email Jack to be on the registration list.

What: Samba Soccer Skills Clinics
When: August 22nd- 1:00-4:00 pm
August 23rd- 10:00-1:00 pm
Cost: $65/3 hour session- capped at 12 kids/clinic
Register through POWER Outdoor Fitness, Inc.


Events- Events- Events
Special dates to REMEMBER:
Playdates, Parent's Date Nights, and FALL KickBall Party, Special Classes * make sure to check the event calendar at left too!!
fun, friendship, sweat, laughs and good times

Sat. September 19th-- 4:00 pm- Baby Boot Camp BBQ & Kick Ball Celebration to toast the Summer adventures goodbye and WELCOME the new Baby Boot Camp Sellwood &
Portland Franchise Owners!
Join us at Laurelhurst Park, park tables and field adjacent to the duck pond and dog park. Bring a favorite item to grill, and item for the potluck. RSVP to Erin S. by September 15th with food item, and number attending.
  • Fri. August 21st- 9:00- 10:15 am- Fitness through the WEEKEND Blast class!!!
    Join Erin for an uber fast class that will kick off your weekend right!
  • Mom's Night Out Monday! 6:30 pm- Join for a special Mom's Night Out at the Movies! We will meet at the Heathman for Appetizers and then see Julie & Julia at the Fox Tower. . .
  • Wed. Aug. 26th- Zoo Picnic! ..Bring a picnic and stay after the zoo class enjoying the relaxation after a tough class.
  • Wed. Sep. 2nd- 10:15 am- Zoo Picnic and Train! bring your lunch and stay after class for a picnic followed by riding the train! A great way to end the Summer with a train ride through Washington Park.
  • Monday, Sept. 14th- 9:00 am- FIRST Zoo Class through the Serengeti! The African exhibit opens up and be the first Baby Boot Camp class with Anne to visit the Lions and their friends! Roar!!
  • Thu. Sept. 24th- 7:00 pm- Mom's Night Out at Portland Rock Gym followed with drinks at Doug Fir Lounge! You have been asking for a rock climbing adventure again, so why not do it NOW! RSVP to Erin B. by Sept. 22nd. Portland Rock Gym is at NE 12th and Burnside.
  • Fri. Sept. 25th 7:00 pm- Get the Sitter and Have FUN for Parent's Date Night Out Washington Park POWER Outdoor Fitness Style! - Get the sitter set now, and join Erin and Jack for a special couples workout at Washington Park followed by late dinner and fun laughs at Bridgeport! Sure to have a blast so get ready now! RSVP to Erin at

August Drills- Does Baseball Diamond

August Drills
does baseball diamond

The kids don't go back to school for one month, so bring them to the park baseball diamond and keep everyone moving!!
* 30 minute workout
Red Sox
Do 3 laps around the bases

Pick one base, stand there do 30 jumping jacks

Run 2 laps around the bases

Pick a new base and do 1 minute of push ups

Run 3 laps around bases

Pick one base and frog hop to pitcher's mound. Frog Hop back to base. Repeat 3 times.

Skip 2 laps around bases

Pick one base and jump over it side-to-side 30 times

30 jumping jacks

Jump over base side-to-side 50 times

Side squat between bases, switch each length. ie: 1st to 2nd base lead with left foot, 2nd to 3rd base lead with right foot.

Pick a base:
- 1 minute narrow grip push ups
- 1 minute wide grip push pus

Caterpillars for 2 lengths of the baseball diamond

Pick one base and sprint to pitchers mound. Run backwards to your base. Repeat 4 times.

Everyone sprints 2 laps, ending at home plate!

Everyone had a Home run workout- congrats!

© 2009 Erin Shirey
Visit the BLOG for additional workouts and tips

Monday, August 10, 2009

Three quotes to make you think

Celebrate what you’ve accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed.

-Mia Hamm

Dost thou love life? Then do not squander Time, for that’s the stuff Life is made of.

-Benjamin Franklin

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Welcome to SELLWOOD Franchise Owner- Sharon Zemp!

Welcome to SELLWOOD Franchise Owner- Sharon Zemp!
She is rockin' and ready to ROCK YOUR WORKOUTS!

Baby Boot Camp Sellwood has been given a fantastic gift- that of new Franchise Owner Sharon Zemp! Sharon was a Baby Boot Camper and loved how classes helped her, in addition to seeing how they helped other Moms feel empowered as they exercised together. NOW Sharon is excited to take over Sellwood and greater Southeast Portland as the new owner. Many of you have met Sharon in

Sharon ZempSharon comes with an extensive background in coaching and training. She was a competitive LaCrosse player and now trains for fitness competitions. Her passion for fitness overflows. Sharon's husband, Mark, and sweet daughter Nora, are excited for this new adventure for them. The ideas for new classes and events are overflowing!

When I asked Sharon if she was nervous, she smiled and said, ""I am thrilled to be a part of such a great program. I am especially looking forward to sharing my passion for fitness with all of the Moms in the Sellwood/Southeast area." For those of you who have already met Sharon, you probably can feel her joy and passion already.

Welcome Sharon, and goodbye Sellwood! It is not truly a "good bye" but "Aloha" and "Cheers to the new fun times ahead!". Sellwood was one of my first class locations and I will forever love playing in the park after class and swimming with the little ones in the pool. Good memories had, and great memories to be made for Baby Boot Camp Sellwood/Southeast! Hugs to yuu-Erin Shirey

Sellwood Blog-
Sharon Zemp-

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Class Fun in the ZANY Heat!!!

Join today at Sellwood Park to have a blast with fabulous instructor
Sharon Zemp! She rocks and is so excited to be part of Baby Boot Camp.
Sharon was going to get started in August but has been phenomenal at
stepping up to help out with the Summer Schedule. Join me today as
Sharon puts us through a workout, and if you miss today she will now be
teaching every Thursday at Sellwood. The girls and I can't wait to see
what she has up her sleeve.

Tomorrow, at Laurelhurst Park, come ready for a water balloon squat
toss! Yes, we will be having fun with the water balloons and sweating
up a storm...and it will actually be in teh 90's tomorrow! What a
treat. (Emerson is running away from water balloons above!)

Remember on these hot days to bring extra water for you and your kiddos.
Why not freeze a bottle over night and by the time class is done it will
be defrosted.

See you in the parks-

Erin- with Makenzie and Emerson too!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hello incredible Baby Boot Camp Mamas!

I wrote the following email to you fantastic gals on Friday when flying to DC. Now I am actually sitting down to post it as I have been going non-stop the past 4 days. Tons of history, monuments, laughs with my Mom and Sister and honestly a fantastic trip…Best to you-Erin Shirey


I hope you are having a fantastic Summer and enjoying the parks as much as I am. I am writing on the plane between my big Summer trip of Sun River and Washington DC. It is my first time being solo and away from both girls for 5 nights and Emerson's first time away from either Jack or I overnight. While I miss cuddling with the kiddos on the flight, I have to admit it is nice to read a book and plan out workouts using both hands to type. Firsts are all around, and this past week was our first time in Sun River, first family trip in a canoe, Makenzie's first time on a rope swing flying into the river and my first time to have 3 mornings in 5 days to be up early and not only run but swim and bike too. I feel refreshed and energized as I am embark on what will be a busy trip of sight seeing, history learning and laughing on this girls trip with my Mom and Sister to our nation's capital.

I am also writing to share with you another first…This Fall I will embark on the first Fall in 5 years of not being a Baby Boot Camp business owner. I have decided to start a new chapter with my life as many of you have done. I am going to focus on my kids, my training for racing, fitness writing and growing my other business, POWER Outdoor Fitness. I am going to take it year round and with doing so have decided to pass the torch for all of my Baby Boot Camp franchise.

This is an exciting time and I am looking hard for someone to help carry on the Baby Boot Camp goals and ideal that I created 4 ½ years ago. The focus on:

Intense and incredible Baby Boot Camp Classes
Strong and supportive Baby Boot Camp Community
Additional classes and instructors to help grow with your needs
Additional locations to help shorten any distance to classes
Fitness challenges and creative events
AND…continuing to nourish all of your health and fitness goals to lead you to the most active Moms possible.

With selling I hope to still teach classes, but not own the entire business. I LOVE TEACHING and feel like it is what I do best. I am one of my only friends I know doing exactly what I said I would when in 8th grade- working with women(and men) with their self esteem through athletics. Now it is my goal to work with the new owners to gradually make changes happen for you and the future Mamas since change can be tough for some people, but so exciting! For me I think about riding bikes with Makenzie to her first day of kindergarten and being able to stay and participate. A new chapter of Elementary school and volunteering. I LOVE teaching, but that thought let me know it was time to pass the Baby Boot Camp PDX Metro torch to a person who may have tiny little ones or is ready to make a change to be with her kids.

Baby Boot Camp gave me that gift of being with my girls each day, and I am forever grateful. There aren't many careers I know of that allow you to work WITH your children, help people reach their health and fitness goals while being role models for their kids, create support networks for not only the participants involved but the owners and instructors, own your own business with tax write offs and grow to being a top notch active community for parents. It has been a ride that not only I am, but my family is forever grateful for. When I started before Makenzie was 1 year old, Portland felt like we were visiting and "trying on the city". Now, because of Baby Boot Camp and YOU it feels like home.

Think about when you first came to class and may have been nervous because it was new, but were excited with butterflies for the change that lied ahead?! I am looking for the right franchise owners to feel that with the excitement and joy to grow and evolve the program. North/Northeast Portland and Northwest Portland are the franchises for sell either together or in 2 units. I truly interviewing to find the right fit for all of YOU. If you have been thinking about teaching, would love to own your own business, want to work with your children and and/or have a dear for someone to see If you feel that that is you, or if it sounds like your best friend please let me know and we can talk more.

I wish you a fantastic week and feel grateful to be teaching you and helping you reach your health and fitness goals every day. You are incredible!


Erin Shirey
Baby Boot Camp Leadership Coach
2009 Mother LOVE Fitness Challenge Cardio Champions
2007 Franchise Owner of the Year
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Baby Boot Camp®
Be fit. Be strong. Be together.®

* MAKE YOURSELF COUNT in 2009! Don't just set goals- achieve them. Become the fittest, strongest and healthiest person you can be. Bring your best friend and get started together. Guaranteed you will get into the best shape of your life...don't wait and get started now.

Voted "Best way to lose the baby weight" by Portland Monthly Magazine, Metro Parent Magazine Family Favorite Outside Activity, and Lila Guide 5 Star Pick

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Classes cancelled

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to give you all a friendly reminder that there are a few schedule changes this week secondary to instructors being on vacation. Summer time fun!

Tomorrow, Wednesday 7/22/09 there will be no class at Laurelhurst Park (both the 9am/9:15am class and the 4pm class are cancelled)
Instead please come out to the zoo with Hilary (9am)

Also, Thursday, July 23rd there will be no class at Mt. Tabor (9:30 am). Please join Instructor Erin B. at Laurelhurst Park.

And lastly, Wednesday, July 29th the afternoon (4:00pm) Laurelhurst Park class will be cancelled. Please enjoy one of the morning classes: Laurelhurst (9:00/9:15 am) with Anne, or the Zoo class (9am) with Hilary.

Thank you for remaining flexible and enjoy that sunshine while we all can.
Instructor Erin B.

Monday, June 29, 2009

YOU are naturally great...

"You are naturally great and your potential greatness is ever ready" - Christian Larson

There are days and weeks when life can seem quite challenging, for all of us. It's interesting though because those times are when the best ideas and goals are created. It is in the times you are faced with one hundred things at once, called ten thousand times each day with the "important" calls that can't wait, and have sick children and partner... that you end up realizing how wonderful your life truly is.

This past year has been interesting because it has been one of economic let down for many. In April, the Oregon Unemployment Rate was 12% and is now starting to slightly decrease. Nike, one of Oregon's staple businesses, let go of 500 employees. That came as a shock to many of us, but for some who I spoke with on the Nike campus, they took it as a sign for a new adventure. One Monday in the Baby Boot Camp Nike Class I asked the Baby Boot Campers how they were doing, and how their spouses were. One responded sharing, "My husband found out Thursday is his last day, and while we are shocked, he is excited for what he is now able to try and face next. He actually realized that he can now spend more time with our kids for the Summer and then start a new path". I was so excited to hear that as not many feel that way at first.

5 years ago Jack was let go with his company. Makenzie was only 6 weeks old and I was on maternity leave from my job. It was a gift to us, we were actually quite excited. We took his job loss as a challenge, most definitely, but also as a sign that we were off to a bigger and better adventure as a family of 3. It was that Summer that we flipped a coin and moved to Portland. This August it will be 5 years since that coin toss. We haven't looked back since ...we felt that it was an opportunity to see what greatness we could unfold within ourselves and our stengths as individuals and as a team.

To imagine if I didn't take the leap of faith and start Baby Boot Camp while being new to the city seems unfathomable to me now. While it has been a ride that is ever changing, it has also been one that led me to find so many incredible and supportive people to surround myself with. The athletes in class, the instructors, the talented business owners I network with, and the families who attend class And be able to grow and change at my pace since am my own boss; that ishuge and beyond exciting.

When I look back to the growth that has occurred within myself since starting my businesses, I also look at how the growth has occurred within YOU, my clients and peers.
When many of you started exercising again, you didn't think doing a traditional push up was possible. You didn't know if you could juggle parenting and working simultanously. You weren't sure if having one child, or two (or three or four) was your future, but you grew and found out what worked for you. While some days may be tough to attend class, you make it and leave having exercised harder than you thought possible two hours before. What is now apparant on many of your faces is how you have become stronger physically and mentally, facing the challenges each day head on. You have more power witin yourself than you probably realize and arebeyond naturally great; you are naturally incredible!

Believe it, know that with change the best things happen. And when they happen, be prepared for the magical opportunities change brings.

Erin Shirey

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No Mt. Tabor class on Thursday, 6/25


I hope you are well. I wanted to let you know there is no Mt. Tabor tomorrow. Sorry, there are some instructor logistics and it isn't covered so you can attend LHP at 9:15 or SP at 10:00. Thanks for understanding and hope to see many of you at Bernie's Southern Bistro tomorrow night.


Erin Shirey

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mother LOVE Fitness Challenge Final Cheers again

Baby Boot Camp MOTHER LOVE Fitness Challenge Winners
Way to GO Portland & Beaverton!!!
Mother Love Fitness Challenge
Portland & Beaverton truly rocked the MLFC Challenge! March and April were strong months, with Portland pulling ahead in the National Competition! Oregon was the greenest State too, which many of us are proudly aware of. Baby Boot Camp Eugene won Earth Points, Baby Boot Camp Portland Metro won the most points for Healthy Child, Healthy Family! There were some incredible goals met, and strength gained across the board. The winners were announced last month at the Mother's Day class, but should be shared with all:

Overall Mother LOVE Fitness Challenge Winner-
Christa Lowe!!!
Christa won ALL aspects of the challenge, She met every goal, changed her life to become the healthiest mom possible!! Christa lost 10.5 pounds, ran her first 5K, increased her push ups by 300% with prior wrist concerns, attended each meeting and is now eager to run additional races. Way to go Christa, you are a powerhouse!

Month Three Winners were:
Most Earth Points: Trina Speer with 3,328 points! She brought her tally points with her everywhere determined to make a difference. She did not only one, but 2 charity runs in April! In addition, her strength quadrupuled and her push ups increased to 31 on her toes.

1st Runner Up Planet Points Month: Elise Makler with 1208 points! She worked hard running to class instead of driving. She is now back to pre-pregnancy weight and lost 4.5% body fat.

Additional Awards:
Dynamic Duo Award: Amanda McKeown and Suzy Schlaadt- Suzy and Amanda made a point to set the bar high! They didn't just DO the challenge but excelled in it. Starting at the plank of 4:00 minutes and 4:30 minutes respectively, they increased their time three fold! Push ups started at 65 increasing each week. Truly an example of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Life Change Award: Sheri Louis- Sheri started by having just moved to Portland and not exercising regularly. Then she signed up for the MLFC and there was no stopping her. Sheri now exercises 6 days/week, runs to and from class, runs or walks to do all errands and is racing again currently training for Hood to Coast.

SuperStar Support Rockin' Mom: Shaunna Levy- Shauna has been in Baby Boot Camp for almost 3 years and a true team player. With the MLFC, Shaunna upped her game and decided no excuses. She lost 9.5 pounds, decreased her mile time, increased her daily steps, and trained for(and completed) the Helvetia Half Marathon. Truly a role model as a Mom, athlete, friend and support for all Baby Boot Camp Moms.

Alyssa McCain and Mari Hotchkiss both received recognition and awards too! THEY did incredible! They each ran their first 5K, made class at least 3x/week, and had a determination within that was contagious to all around them!


MLFC Winners
Taught EVERYONE how to not only be fast on their feet, strong in body, but strong in mind-body- spirit and loving the Earth.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby Boot Camp and YOU!!!!!!

You were a trainer in college and let your certification lapse. You taught step and have been eager to get re-certified and teach again. You are a Mom who has been coming to Baby Boot Camp and LOVE it, have a passion for fitness, and want to embark on your new successful business adventure. You know that you need to find a job but can't fathom sending your little one to daycare. If any of this is sounding like your thoughts are being read, than Baby Boot Camp is for YOU!

Baby Boot Camp Sellwood, Northwest and inner Southwest is for SALE and I am looking for the right buyers. It is an incredible business built from scratch and has flourished in the past 4 1/2 years. The business is set- INCREDIBLE Team of instructors, locations, marketing, and resources to help make the transition as easy as possible. Looking to find the right person to have a love and devotion for health, fitness, support and community.

  • Baby Boot Camp Portland has won many awards:
  • Voted BEST Way To Lose the Baby Weight by Portland Monthly Magazine
  • Voted a Family Favorite Outside Activity by Metro Parent Magazine
  • A Lila Guide 5 Star Pick
  • Regular feature on Better TV
  • The biggest Baby Boot Camp franchise
  • Voted Franchise Owner of the Year 2007
  • Recently backed by the Better Business Bureau of Oregon, Washington and Alaska

Baby Boot Camp is truly an incredible opportunity to own your own business, be part of one of the fastest growing exercise businesses, be part of an incredibly talented group of women in the Oregon Metro who were once Baby Boot Campers and now own their own Franchises. Baby Boot Camp Clackamas County, Beaverton, Hillsboro/Newberg, LakeOswego /Tigard /Tualatin/ Willsonville/Greater SW Portland are all owned by women who were once Baby Boot Camp Portland & Beaverton Mamas. If they can do it, YOU CAN TOO!

For more information, please email . Don't wait, make your dreams happen NOW. Be fit. Be strong. Be together.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Father's Day Class Date Reminder! ONE WEEK AWAY!!

Hi Mamas!

I wanted to send a friendly reminder that the Father's Day Class is only ONE week away!  Join us:

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

Washington Park, 9:00 am class

Potluck with mimosas following and treats for all Dads!

RSVP to Erin -

Remember, when Dads come they have to push the munchkins!

Cheers and have a great weekend!

Erin Shirey-

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Good Bye Beaverton

Good Morning,

I hope you are enjoying your weekend thus far. I am writing to say “adios” Beaverton. For 3 ½ years I have been the Baby Boot Camp Beaverton Franchise Owner. Through that time we started with classes made of Instructor Tricia and I on the inside track passing out postcards to any Mom with a stroller. By the end of that first month there were already “regulars” and many of those Moms are still in Baby Boot Camp today. You have all been part of something magical that I hope will continue to grow and prosper for all the current and future Mamas in the Beaverton community.

I was going through sign in sheets and realized that since Baby Boot Camp Beaverton started, there have been 2080 classes taught! That is a lot of exercising Mamas. If you think it is 2080 classes, how many miles were run over the years on your legs? How many push ups completed and jumping jacks jumped? How many planks did you accomplish and how many best friends have you met? From class, how many times have you caught your child doing lunges while pushing their doll stroller, or tell you to “go lower Mama” when sitting on your back in plank position. YOU ARE ALL INCREDIBLE WOMEN! I am beyond blessed to have met you, trained you, helped fitness become not a hobby but way of life for you and your families. I thank you beyond measure for giving me the opportunity to train you and for coming back each week to reach new limits you didn’t realize were possible.

I feel grateful to pass the Beaverton torch to a Baby Boot Camp mama, Suzy Schlaadt, whom many of you have exercised alongside and become inspired by. She has worked hard at becoming a true inspiration for other Moms in class and now will when leading you through the growth of what will become her Beaverton Franchise. She has worked hard at making a transition to an instructor and has plenty of ideas in store to inspire you. While Suzy awaits the final steps of her franchise, you can contact her with either a congratulations email or any questions at: or 503.380.5148

I wish you the best as you continue on reaching your health and fitness goals. Know you are incredibly talented athletes and Mama Rockstars!


Erin Shirey
Baby Boot Camp Leadership Coach

2009 Mother LOVE Fitness Challenge Cardio Champions

2007 Franchise Owner of the Year

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Baby Boot Camp®
Be fit. Be strong. Be together.®

* MAKE YOURSELF COUNT in 2009! Don't just set goals- achieve them. Become the fittest, strongest and healthiest person you can be. Bring your best friend and get started together. Guaranteed you will get into the best shape of your life...don't wait and get started now.

Voted "Best way to lose the baby weight" by Portland Monthly Magazine, Metro Parent Magazine Family Favorite Outside Activity, and Lila Guide 5 Star Pick.