Monday, June 29, 2009

YOU are naturally great...

"You are naturally great and your potential greatness is ever ready" - Christian Larson

There are days and weeks when life can seem quite challenging, for all of us. It's interesting though because those times are when the best ideas and goals are created. It is in the times you are faced with one hundred things at once, called ten thousand times each day with the "important" calls that can't wait, and have sick children and partner... that you end up realizing how wonderful your life truly is.

This past year has been interesting because it has been one of economic let down for many. In April, the Oregon Unemployment Rate was 12% and is now starting to slightly decrease. Nike, one of Oregon's staple businesses, let go of 500 employees. That came as a shock to many of us, but for some who I spoke with on the Nike campus, they took it as a sign for a new adventure. One Monday in the Baby Boot Camp Nike Class I asked the Baby Boot Campers how they were doing, and how their spouses were. One responded sharing, "My husband found out Thursday is his last day, and while we are shocked, he is excited for what he is now able to try and face next. He actually realized that he can now spend more time with our kids for the Summer and then start a new path". I was so excited to hear that as not many feel that way at first.

5 years ago Jack was let go with his company. Makenzie was only 6 weeks old and I was on maternity leave from my job. It was a gift to us, we were actually quite excited. We took his job loss as a challenge, most definitely, but also as a sign that we were off to a bigger and better adventure as a family of 3. It was that Summer that we flipped a coin and moved to Portland. This August it will be 5 years since that coin toss. We haven't looked back since ...we felt that it was an opportunity to see what greatness we could unfold within ourselves and our stengths as individuals and as a team.

To imagine if I didn't take the leap of faith and start Baby Boot Camp while being new to the city seems unfathomable to me now. While it has been a ride that is ever changing, it has also been one that led me to find so many incredible and supportive people to surround myself with. The athletes in class, the instructors, the talented business owners I network with, and the families who attend class And be able to grow and change at my pace since am my own boss; that ishuge and beyond exciting.

When I look back to the growth that has occurred within myself since starting my businesses, I also look at how the growth has occurred within YOU, my clients and peers.
When many of you started exercising again, you didn't think doing a traditional push up was possible. You didn't know if you could juggle parenting and working simultanously. You weren't sure if having one child, or two (or three or four) was your future, but you grew and found out what worked for you. While some days may be tough to attend class, you make it and leave having exercised harder than you thought possible two hours before. What is now apparant on many of your faces is how you have become stronger physically and mentally, facing the challenges each day head on. You have more power witin yourself than you probably realize and arebeyond naturally great; you are naturally incredible!

Believe it, know that with change the best things happen. And when they happen, be prepared for the magical opportunities change brings.

Erin Shirey

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No Mt. Tabor class on Thursday, 6/25


I hope you are well. I wanted to let you know there is no Mt. Tabor tomorrow. Sorry, there are some instructor logistics and it isn't covered so you can attend LHP at 9:15 or SP at 10:00. Thanks for understanding and hope to see many of you at Bernie's Southern Bistro tomorrow night.


Erin Shirey

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mother LOVE Fitness Challenge Final Cheers again

Baby Boot Camp MOTHER LOVE Fitness Challenge Winners
Way to GO Portland & Beaverton!!!
Mother Love Fitness Challenge
Portland & Beaverton truly rocked the MLFC Challenge! March and April were strong months, with Portland pulling ahead in the National Competition! Oregon was the greenest State too, which many of us are proudly aware of. Baby Boot Camp Eugene won Earth Points, Baby Boot Camp Portland Metro won the most points for Healthy Child, Healthy Family! There were some incredible goals met, and strength gained across the board. The winners were announced last month at the Mother's Day class, but should be shared with all:

Overall Mother LOVE Fitness Challenge Winner-
Christa Lowe!!!
Christa won ALL aspects of the challenge, She met every goal, changed her life to become the healthiest mom possible!! Christa lost 10.5 pounds, ran her first 5K, increased her push ups by 300% with prior wrist concerns, attended each meeting and is now eager to run additional races. Way to go Christa, you are a powerhouse!

Month Three Winners were:
Most Earth Points: Trina Speer with 3,328 points! She brought her tally points with her everywhere determined to make a difference. She did not only one, but 2 charity runs in April! In addition, her strength quadrupuled and her push ups increased to 31 on her toes.

1st Runner Up Planet Points Month: Elise Makler with 1208 points! She worked hard running to class instead of driving. She is now back to pre-pregnancy weight and lost 4.5% body fat.

Additional Awards:
Dynamic Duo Award: Amanda McKeown and Suzy Schlaadt- Suzy and Amanda made a point to set the bar high! They didn't just DO the challenge but excelled in it. Starting at the plank of 4:00 minutes and 4:30 minutes respectively, they increased their time three fold! Push ups started at 65 increasing each week. Truly an example of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Life Change Award: Sheri Louis- Sheri started by having just moved to Portland and not exercising regularly. Then she signed up for the MLFC and there was no stopping her. Sheri now exercises 6 days/week, runs to and from class, runs or walks to do all errands and is racing again currently training for Hood to Coast.

SuperStar Support Rockin' Mom: Shaunna Levy- Shauna has been in Baby Boot Camp for almost 3 years and a true team player. With the MLFC, Shaunna upped her game and decided no excuses. She lost 9.5 pounds, decreased her mile time, increased her daily steps, and trained for(and completed) the Helvetia Half Marathon. Truly a role model as a Mom, athlete, friend and support for all Baby Boot Camp Moms.

Alyssa McCain and Mari Hotchkiss both received recognition and awards too! THEY did incredible! They each ran their first 5K, made class at least 3x/week, and had a determination within that was contagious to all around them!


MLFC Winners
Taught EVERYONE how to not only be fast on their feet, strong in body, but strong in mind-body- spirit and loving the Earth.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby Boot Camp and YOU!!!!!!

You were a trainer in college and let your certification lapse. You taught step and have been eager to get re-certified and teach again. You are a Mom who has been coming to Baby Boot Camp and LOVE it, have a passion for fitness, and want to embark on your new successful business adventure. You know that you need to find a job but can't fathom sending your little one to daycare. If any of this is sounding like your thoughts are being read, than Baby Boot Camp is for YOU!

Baby Boot Camp Sellwood, Northwest and inner Southwest is for SALE and I am looking for the right buyers. It is an incredible business built from scratch and has flourished in the past 4 1/2 years. The business is set- INCREDIBLE Team of instructors, locations, marketing, and resources to help make the transition as easy as possible. Looking to find the right person to have a love and devotion for health, fitness, support and community.

  • Baby Boot Camp Portland has won many awards:
  • Voted BEST Way To Lose the Baby Weight by Portland Monthly Magazine
  • Voted a Family Favorite Outside Activity by Metro Parent Magazine
  • A Lila Guide 5 Star Pick
  • Regular feature on Better TV
  • The biggest Baby Boot Camp franchise
  • Voted Franchise Owner of the Year 2007
  • Recently backed by the Better Business Bureau of Oregon, Washington and Alaska

Baby Boot Camp is truly an incredible opportunity to own your own business, be part of one of the fastest growing exercise businesses, be part of an incredibly talented group of women in the Oregon Metro who were once Baby Boot Campers and now own their own Franchises. Baby Boot Camp Clackamas County, Beaverton, Hillsboro/Newberg, LakeOswego /Tigard /Tualatin/ Willsonville/Greater SW Portland are all owned by women who were once Baby Boot Camp Portland & Beaverton Mamas. If they can do it, YOU CAN TOO!

For more information, please email . Don't wait, make your dreams happen NOW. Be fit. Be strong. Be together.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Father's Day Class Date Reminder! ONE WEEK AWAY!!

Hi Mamas!

I wanted to send a friendly reminder that the Father's Day Class is only ONE week away!  Join us:

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

Washington Park, 9:00 am class

Potluck with mimosas following and treats for all Dads!

RSVP to Erin -

Remember, when Dads come they have to push the munchkins!

Cheers and have a great weekend!

Erin Shirey-

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Good Bye Beaverton

Good Morning,

I hope you are enjoying your weekend thus far. I am writing to say “adios” Beaverton. For 3 ½ years I have been the Baby Boot Camp Beaverton Franchise Owner. Through that time we started with classes made of Instructor Tricia and I on the inside track passing out postcards to any Mom with a stroller. By the end of that first month there were already “regulars” and many of those Moms are still in Baby Boot Camp today. You have all been part of something magical that I hope will continue to grow and prosper for all the current and future Mamas in the Beaverton community.

I was going through sign in sheets and realized that since Baby Boot Camp Beaverton started, there have been 2080 classes taught! That is a lot of exercising Mamas. If you think it is 2080 classes, how many miles were run over the years on your legs? How many push ups completed and jumping jacks jumped? How many planks did you accomplish and how many best friends have you met? From class, how many times have you caught your child doing lunges while pushing their doll stroller, or tell you to “go lower Mama” when sitting on your back in plank position. YOU ARE ALL INCREDIBLE WOMEN! I am beyond blessed to have met you, trained you, helped fitness become not a hobby but way of life for you and your families. I thank you beyond measure for giving me the opportunity to train you and for coming back each week to reach new limits you didn’t realize were possible.

I feel grateful to pass the Beaverton torch to a Baby Boot Camp mama, Suzy Schlaadt, whom many of you have exercised alongside and become inspired by. She has worked hard at becoming a true inspiration for other Moms in class and now will when leading you through the growth of what will become her Beaverton Franchise. She has worked hard at making a transition to an instructor and has plenty of ideas in store to inspire you. While Suzy awaits the final steps of her franchise, you can contact her with either a congratulations email or any questions at: or 503.380.5148

I wish you the best as you continue on reaching your health and fitness goals. Know you are incredibly talented athletes and Mama Rockstars!


Erin Shirey
Baby Boot Camp Leadership Coach

2009 Mother LOVE Fitness Challenge Cardio Champions

2007 Franchise Owner of the Year

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* MAKE YOURSELF COUNT in 2009! Don't just set goals- achieve them. Become the fittest, strongest and healthiest person you can be. Bring your best friend and get started together. Guaranteed you will get into the best shape of your life...don't wait and get started now.

Voted "Best way to lose the baby weight" by Portland Monthly Magazine, Metro Parent Magazine Family Favorite Outside Activity, and Lila Guide 5 Star Pick.