Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Updated class schedule

Wednesday-11/26: "Fanny Blast for Food Drive"
9:00 a.m.- LCM
9:30 a.m.- THPRD
NO 8:00 a.m. Class at Conestoga or 5:30 p.m. Class at Multonomah Arts Center
Thursday-11/27: Happy Thanksgiving!
No Baby Boot Camp classes, but join us for the Turkey Trot benefitting the Oregon Zoo!
Friday-11/28: Black Friday
NO Baby Boot Camp Classes, exercise with your family
Saturday- 11/29:
8:30 a.m.- Lloyd Center Mall-Special Civil War Class!
NO 8:30 a.m. Conestoga Class.

Also, please note the changes on the right for our December class schedule! The Tuesday Peninsula Park Class and Saturday Conestoga class will return after the holidays. Also, with our busy Holiday schedules, there may be some instructor juggling. Thank you for understanding and enjoy class!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jack on Mamapreneurs, Inc

Often people ask how do you balance work, family, two businesses and stay sane. I laugh and smile by saying I have an incredibly supportive spouse who helps and makes it possible. Jack is not only my partner in life, but also in business too. He helps brainstorm with ideas on classes, exercises, challenges and how to run my businesses smoother. We try to do a trade off and work at supporting one another’s dreams and goals, in addition to making our family goals a reality too.

Now you can hear what Jack has to say, on his work-life balance. He was interviewed for Mamapreneurs Inc. Radio and it was a very telling segment. I was impressed with what he had to say, but also felt there were some perils of wisdom that could be passed on. Take a listen and let me know your thoughts too. Also, how does your own partner support you and your goals? What do you do to help support his/hers?


Last class at the zoo!

October 29th our Baby Boot Camp mommas celebrated the last day of yet another summer season. It was a beautiful fall day and we had a great time seeing all our animal friends, including the newest zoo member, Baby Sam the elephant.

Check out our photos

And come out to support the Oregon Zoo this fall by running the Turkey Trot at 9am on November 22nd! Bring the whole family and get in a workout before that Thanksgiving feast!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Looking out for health and our community!

Coming up on this holiday season we are working hard to not only be as healthy as possible but also look out for our community wellness. During the next two months bring a full bag of non-perishable food for the Oregon Food Bank to class on Saturdays and you receive $10 off your next class package.

Choose from two great classes: 8:30 am at Conestoga or 9:00 am at Lloyd Center Mall. Working as a team we can improve our health and help so many other people.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Often we go through each day and don't actually allow ourselves to be "inthe moment" of life. We are busy capturing the moment on our iPhone, or camera. We are contemplating what we'll post to Facebook to share the moments. We sometimes excitedly jump ahead of the game instead of standing still to embrace the moments at hand.

On Tuesday night during the excitment of the election, I was home withEmerson. Jack took Makenzie on a date to a party, and Emerson went to Baby Boot Camp with me and then home to watch CNN. When driving home I turned my Blackberry off and while eager to text my friends throughout the results, I decided not to. I wanted to just "be" with Emerson and truly remember the monumental evening. That I did.

Emerson and I had a nice dinner, with her "razzie faces" making her food fly everywhere... but I soaked it all up. She followed dinner with a half hour bubble bath with more bubbles than a bath of 3 kids would have and was laughing the whole time. When it came time to cozy up, read stories and rock to sleep was close to the 8 o'clock hour. I rocked with her falling asleep in my arms as my eyes were glued to CNN. The moment she succomed to her blissful sleep face was when the results were called and Obama was announced our Future President. It was a historical moment that was exciting across the board for Americans. I looked at Emerson with tears in my eyes capturing the moment in my mind at exactly where I was and how special and innocent she looked.

I invite you to take hours out of the day when your phone and computers are turned off. Allow yourself to disengage from the world and just be in your own world with your kiddos and family. Those are the moments to remember and truly enjoy.

Be well all- Erin Shirey

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Football Challenges

It's hard to believe at times, but college football season is in full swing. Every year Oregonians pick a side and root for their team Thanksgiving weekend for the annual Oregon Civil War! This will be the 112th time the Beavers play the Ducks!

This year join Baby Boot Camp the morning of the civil war for FOOTBALL CHALLENGES! Wear your Ducks or Beavers gear and expect to see the agility ladder, football drills and lots of laughs. Bring teammates, friends, family...everyone is welcome!

Lloyd Center Mall, 8-10 am, RSVP to erin.shirey@babybootcamp.com

Monday, November 3, 2008

Thank you Icebreaker!

I would like to thank our newest local sponsor, Icebreaker. Icebreaker has amazing merino wool products from the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Merino wool is a natural miracle fiber that offers the ultimate in temperature regulation and breathability. On top of offering all Baby Boot Camp participants 10% off when they show their class card, the downtown Portland Icebreaker store is also going to be the location for our annual Holiday Party this year on December 11th. Furthermore, as a special holiday treat they are giving everyone who attends the party 20% off on that day! Start preparing your holiday wish list now by checking out Icebreaker online!

Thank you Icebreaker!