Sunday, May 31, 2009

June 1= Tons of Baby Boot Camp FUN!!!

Hello ladies!

I write to you from Kennedy School, where I am utilizing the internet since we just moved this weekend. I am quite limited in access too - my blackberry dropped in the sink when washing my hands and is not working so well. In other words, it is not quite working at all. Whoopsie and AT& T Store here I come. :)

Thus I am writing about fun reminders that tomorrow is already JUNE 1st! That means a lot of new classes for you to enjoy. Suzy Schlaadt, the new Baby Boot Camp Beaverton Franchise Owner, brings you classes at Conestoga! Yahoo! She is motivated, determined to challenge you and such a rockstar and role model to everyone already. The Summer tradition of Oregon Zoo classes begin tomorrow, Mt. Tabor classes start this week, and Washington Park classes start too! Summer is the best- sunshine, long days, and plenty of fun classes to enjoy.

Class additions and changes:
  • Portland - Oregon Zoo Classes- M/W- 9:00 am Meet at the Zoo entrance
  • Portland- Mt. Tabor clases- Tue- 5:45 pm and Th- 9:00 am Conestoga Classes
  • Portland- Washington Park- Tu/Fri-9:30 am, Sat- 9:00 am
  • Beaverton- Conestoga Recreation Complex- M/W- 9:00 am
The schedule is online and below:

9:00 a.m.- CON- Suzy
9:00 a.m.- LHP- Erin B
9:00 a.m.- ZOO- Danielle/Anne
9:30 a.m.- NIKE- Erin S
9:30 a.m.- THPR- Tricia
10:00 a.m.- SP- Danielle/Anne

9:00 a.m.-THPRL2-Jen
9:15 a.m.- LHP- Erin B. (boom box Tuesdays)
9:30 a.m.- WP- Tricia
10:00 a.m.- SP-Anne
10:00 a.m.-THPR-Carrie
5:45 p.m.- Mt. Tabor- Jack/Erin S.

9:00 a.m.-CON- Suzy
9:00 a.m.- ZOO- Erin S
9:00 a.m.- LHP L2-Anne
9:15 a.m.- LHP L1-Anne
9:30 a.m.- NIKE- Tricia
9:30 a.m.-THPR-Amanda
4:00 p.m.-LHP Cardio Class-Erin S

9:00 a.m.- MT- Erin B.
9:15 a.m.- LHP Anne
9:30 a.m.- SP-Danielle
10:00 a.m.-THPR-Tricia


9:00 a.m.- LHP- Erin S
9:30 a.m.- WP- Anne
9:30 a.m.-THPR- Tricia

9:00 a.m.- WP- Erin&Jack

Have a great night and see you in class this week!!

Erin Shirey

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Work IT Family Style

Memorial Day weekend is here and full of incredible weather! Use this time to workout with your family and try something new-
  • Mt. Tabor Stair Challenge- work the stairs and wear the Ergo or backback with your babe safely inside. If you have older kids, they would get a kick out of the stairs too. Try to hop on one foot, jump up, wide legged climb, or crawl up like a monkey. All are fun for adults and kids. Try to complete 30 minutes of stairs.
  • Leif Erikson Ride & Lunge-A-Thon- head to Leif Erikson trail and bring the bikes! The path is wide enough for kiddos to have space to ride. Hop off every 15 minutes and find a different look out spot. At that point bust out lunges for 2 minutes- kiddos too. They love to lunge, and the on/off with purpose on the bike helps them stay focused and have FUN. Continue on your ride for an hour (if your kiddos allow).
  • Waterfront Walk- the Rose Festival has begun and the sights are around us. Head down to the Waterfront and do the 3 mile loop between the Steel Bridge and Hawthorne Bridge while people watching and pointing out new sights to each other. Play "I Spy" with your toddlers as you push them in the jogger. Try to maintain 3.5-4 mph pace.
  • Parade Through YOUR Hood- first pull out your skateboard, roller blades, bike, pogo stick, and running shoes. Next, plan a 1 mile route in your neighborhood. With your partner decide who will wear/push your munchkin for each lap. Next decide which equipment you will use. Make 4-5 1-mile laps in your neighborhood with returning home in between to change your shoes, gear, etc. You are cross training in your 'hood, while getting to know your neighbors.
  • Free Choice Backyard- Write 15 different activities on index cards. ie: 20 jumping jacks, 20 push ups, 2 minutes speed skating, 2 minute wall sit. Put them into a basket and mix them up. In the backyard get set up for your own circuit of fun. Put the basket in the middle, and take turns picking the activities. Continue for 30 minutes.
Have fun and enjoy your exercise time together. What you do today continues to affect and shape your life tomorrow. Rock it!

- Erin Shirey

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

I hope you are enjoying the sunshine that is here to they say.

I hope so, as I am excited for a fun Memorial Day Weekend! Friendly reminder that there is only ONE class on Monday, Memorial Day.

Monday, May 25th, 9:00 am
Laurelhurst Park
Spouses/partners are free with a paying Mom so bring the whole family and kick the holiday off right!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hi Mamas!

Wow, time flies and here it is, May 19th. Tomorrow is my last Beaverton class and I can't believe the date has arrived. I was supposed to have last week be the last class, but with increased attendance at 8:30 am and I think my own not wanting to realize change is happening, I offered to teach this week. Thus, tomorrow's 8:30 am class, is my last at THPRD. It is going to be a hoot, fun, and hopefully a dry day so we can be outside.

I have more to share that you'll read in the upcoming newsletter, but until then, thanks for being such rockstar Moms Beaverton peeps. I look back on the past 3 1/2 years of owning Beaverton and teaching classes and feel beyond fortunate to have been able to meet so many incredible women. In addition, I am blessed to have watched all of you grow into even more confident and athletic Moms. You truly are amazing and Suzy is lucky to take on such a dynamic, enthusiastic, supportive, and determined group of women to teach.

See you tomorrow and know it has been an incredible ride.

Erin Shirey

Monday, May 11, 2009

Cheers to a Fantastic Mother's Day Class for all!!!!

Happy day after Mother's Day !

I hope enjoyed a day of incredible memory making with your families. You all deserve some extra hugs for not only the hard work you do every day to raise your precious munchkins, but the hard work you do at keeping your entire family and self in a healthy place of mind, body and spirit. You are all not only role models for your kiddos, but you are role models for other Moms who are learning the Mom juggle too. I applaud each of you and thank you for being you.

Speaking of Mother's Day, the Mother's Day Class was wonderful! There were almost 100 Moms(and Dads) in classes on Friday, with many of our friends joining after for the festivities. To see the excitement and joy as the new and veteran Baby Boot Campers were exercising together was incredible. Having Moms come from all parts of Portland and Vancouver, and from every Baby Boot Camp class location, having fun sweating together was the best gift. I was informed two high school friends reunited unexpectedly, and one Mom (who just returned back to classes after a 2 year hiatus) said she was so happy to see friends she knew from 2 years ago and other friends she knows from her neighborhood playgroup in class.

Mel's family was so happy, and said that it was wonderful to see everyone having fun and exercising. It is what she loved and how she started her Mother's Day weekend last year, and they were pleased to start their Mother's Day weekend the same way this year. The CCA was beyond appreciative of the generous support from the raffle. We raised $508 thus far, with additional funds coming from Reversed Lens Photography photos. Jenny, from the CCA, said she loved watching the sweaty Moms be such incredible role models of health for their kids.

I can't thank and send enough praise to:
I wish you a great evening and look forward to seeing you in class this week. Beaverton Mamas, my last class teaching was to be on Wednesday, May 13th, but will now be the 8:30-9:30 class on Wednesday, May 20th. Hope to see you there!

Cheers and hugs to all of you for being the fantastic Moms you are!

Erin Shirey

Friday, May 8, 2009

WOW! Today is the 5th Anniversary Mothers Day Class

Wow, I can't believe it is here. I am wrapping up my last minute details but feeling incredible about this morning. KINK FM just recorded a piece with me talking with my LOVELY raspy voice right now and was so very kind. But truly, I am bubbling with excitement and joy. This year's class signifies so much in change, growth, support, and just the Rockstar Moms!!! I can't wait to post photos of today, it is bound to be just amazing. Is it bad I am getting teary and excited at the same time?

Erin Shirey

Make sure to join us today!!
Washington Park, 9:00 am
soccerfield, and arrive early!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Foot Bar Body Bar in 24 Hours

Hi ladies!

I know in 24 hours I will be sitting with my tootsie being pampered
while I enjoy some fresh strawberries, wine and tasty treats. What
about you? I am setting the final times for Foot Bar Body Bar. It is to
be a special night and definitely fun. PLEASE RSVP if you want to


Erin Shirey

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Runnin UP The HILLS!!

The Moms and Dads were running, and running and running up hills!
The Run for the Cheetah was incredible and seeing everyone finish with joy on their faces was inspirational to all. They were ready for the jaunt to the bottom and then also, without realizing it, were ready to climb to the top.

For those that don't know the course:
Start at the Zoo. Run down towards the Japanese Garden (uphill and downhills), loop around Washington Park Rose Garden. Run back around the Rose Garden Play Park "Castle Park". Run back UP UP and UP to the Zoo. Meaning, run gradually up hill for 1.5- 3.0 miles.

The distance of either 5K or 8K feels like it is 10K or 15K with the intense hills. Add into the many strollers and munchkins pushed and you have a HUGE challenge accomplished. The excitement as a trainer to see people who have worked so hard, overcome a race that was rather intense, is why I love what I do. It wasn't about coming in first or second for the Baby Boot Campers, it was about finishing their goal of running the race. And running the race cheering for one another as a team. To see the high fives happening amongst the green challenge shirted runners made other people ask, " What is this group? They are having so much fun!". And that was what it much fun!

Congrats Cheetah runners and walkers. You DID IT!