Thursday, July 30, 2009

Class Fun in the ZANY Heat!!!

Join today at Sellwood Park to have a blast with fabulous instructor
Sharon Zemp! She rocks and is so excited to be part of Baby Boot Camp.
Sharon was going to get started in August but has been phenomenal at
stepping up to help out with the Summer Schedule. Join me today as
Sharon puts us through a workout, and if you miss today she will now be
teaching every Thursday at Sellwood. The girls and I can't wait to see
what she has up her sleeve.

Tomorrow, at Laurelhurst Park, come ready for a water balloon squat
toss! Yes, we will be having fun with the water balloons and sweating
up a storm...and it will actually be in teh 90's tomorrow! What a
treat. (Emerson is running away from water balloons above!)

Remember on these hot days to bring extra water for you and your kiddos.
Why not freeze a bottle over night and by the time class is done it will
be defrosted.

See you in the parks-

Erin- with Makenzie and Emerson too!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hello incredible Baby Boot Camp Mamas!

I wrote the following email to you fantastic gals on Friday when flying to DC. Now I am actually sitting down to post it as I have been going non-stop the past 4 days. Tons of history, monuments, laughs with my Mom and Sister and honestly a fantastic trip…Best to you-Erin Shirey


I hope you are having a fantastic Summer and enjoying the parks as much as I am. I am writing on the plane between my big Summer trip of Sun River and Washington DC. It is my first time being solo and away from both girls for 5 nights and Emerson's first time away from either Jack or I overnight. While I miss cuddling with the kiddos on the flight, I have to admit it is nice to read a book and plan out workouts using both hands to type. Firsts are all around, and this past week was our first time in Sun River, first family trip in a canoe, Makenzie's first time on a rope swing flying into the river and my first time to have 3 mornings in 5 days to be up early and not only run but swim and bike too. I feel refreshed and energized as I am embark on what will be a busy trip of sight seeing, history learning and laughing on this girls trip with my Mom and Sister to our nation's capital.

I am also writing to share with you another first…This Fall I will embark on the first Fall in 5 years of not being a Baby Boot Camp business owner. I have decided to start a new chapter with my life as many of you have done. I am going to focus on my kids, my training for racing, fitness writing and growing my other business, POWER Outdoor Fitness. I am going to take it year round and with doing so have decided to pass the torch for all of my Baby Boot Camp franchise.

This is an exciting time and I am looking hard for someone to help carry on the Baby Boot Camp goals and ideal that I created 4 ½ years ago. The focus on:

Intense and incredible Baby Boot Camp Classes
Strong and supportive Baby Boot Camp Community
Additional classes and instructors to help grow with your needs
Additional locations to help shorten any distance to classes
Fitness challenges and creative events
AND…continuing to nourish all of your health and fitness goals to lead you to the most active Moms possible.

With selling I hope to still teach classes, but not own the entire business. I LOVE TEACHING and feel like it is what I do best. I am one of my only friends I know doing exactly what I said I would when in 8th grade- working with women(and men) with their self esteem through athletics. Now it is my goal to work with the new owners to gradually make changes happen for you and the future Mamas since change can be tough for some people, but so exciting! For me I think about riding bikes with Makenzie to her first day of kindergarten and being able to stay and participate. A new chapter of Elementary school and volunteering. I LOVE teaching, but that thought let me know it was time to pass the Baby Boot Camp PDX Metro torch to a person who may have tiny little ones or is ready to make a change to be with her kids.

Baby Boot Camp gave me that gift of being with my girls each day, and I am forever grateful. There aren't many careers I know of that allow you to work WITH your children, help people reach their health and fitness goals while being role models for their kids, create support networks for not only the participants involved but the owners and instructors, own your own business with tax write offs and grow to being a top notch active community for parents. It has been a ride that not only I am, but my family is forever grateful for. When I started before Makenzie was 1 year old, Portland felt like we were visiting and "trying on the city". Now, because of Baby Boot Camp and YOU it feels like home.

Think about when you first came to class and may have been nervous because it was new, but were excited with butterflies for the change that lied ahead?! I am looking for the right franchise owners to feel that with the excitement and joy to grow and evolve the program. North/Northeast Portland and Northwest Portland are the franchises for sell either together or in 2 units. I truly interviewing to find the right fit for all of YOU. If you have been thinking about teaching, would love to own your own business, want to work with your children and and/or have a dear for someone to see If you feel that that is you, or if it sounds like your best friend please let me know and we can talk more.

I wish you a fantastic week and feel grateful to be teaching you and helping you reach your health and fitness goals every day. You are incredible!


Erin Shirey
Baby Boot Camp Leadership Coach
2009 Mother LOVE Fitness Challenge Cardio Champions
2007 Franchise Owner of the Year
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Classes cancelled

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to give you all a friendly reminder that there are a few schedule changes this week secondary to instructors being on vacation. Summer time fun!

Tomorrow, Wednesday 7/22/09 there will be no class at Laurelhurst Park (both the 9am/9:15am class and the 4pm class are cancelled)
Instead please come out to the zoo with Hilary (9am)

Also, Thursday, July 23rd there will be no class at Mt. Tabor (9:30 am). Please join Instructor Erin B. at Laurelhurst Park.

And lastly, Wednesday, July 29th the afternoon (4:00pm) Laurelhurst Park class will be cancelled. Please enjoy one of the morning classes: Laurelhurst (9:00/9:15 am) with Anne, or the Zoo class (9am) with Hilary.

Thank you for remaining flexible and enjoy that sunshine while we all can.
Instructor Erin B.