Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ready Paint Fire Cancelled

Due to lack of RSVPs, the Ready Paint Fire painting party is postponed
until a later date. Please email Erin with any questions or February
date requests. Thanks and enjoy the sunshine.



Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mother Love Fitness Challenge RSVP Deadline!

If you would like to participate in the Mother Love Fitness Challenge please email TODAY! We are competing against every Baby Boot Camp across the country for various awards and word is that everyone is motivated to beat Portland. We need to remind them why we are the best!

Take this opportunity to not only challenge yourself physically, but empower yourself mentally and socially. Last year Missy Baxter inspired us all by not only losing 23 pounds, 6.7% bodyfat, and 10.25 inches but running the Hippie Chick Quarter Marathon Mother's Day Weekend. You too can achieve such amazing success and positive changes!

The challenge starts on Monday with the cardio fitness month and the rewards are plentiful. Not to mention all the prizes YOU could win! You can pay the $26 registration fee by Saturday, but you need to RSVP TODAY! Commit to making positive changes in your life THIS year...right now!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Get a jump start on the MLFC! Start your cardio today!

Have you ever wanted to run a 5K but aren't sure how to go about training? Or has it been so long since the last time you ran a race you are scared to get back into it?

This time of year always brings new goals and challenges to the forefront of our minds. It's a great time to aim high and strive for that sense of accomplishment you get from achieving something you set your mind to.

Some of you know that in addition to Baby Boot Camp I also do personal training for individuals at Whole Body Fitness, a gym on Burnside. A lot of my clients this year expressed a desire to run a 5K as a fitness goal, but were not confident that they new how to go about it. A few more stated they wanted THIS to be the year to ramp up the intensity of their workouts and take that daily walk to a daily run. These clients have been the inspiration and now I have started the Whole Body Fitness Running Team. I would like to invite you ALL to become team members.

This team was created as part of an effort to encourage fitness and wellness within the community. EVERYONE is welcome to participate and other than the race registration fee ($25) which is going to a great cause, it is completely free! Everyone is given a schedule to follow and every Saturday we will do a workout together for extra motivation and support. The Saturday runs start at 10:30am so you can still do Baby Boot Camp class and get your cardio immediately after. Spend time with both Erins every Saturday!

The Mother Love Fitness Challenge is coming up this February and the first month is cardio focused, inspired by National Heart Health Month. This is a perfect opportunity to get a jump start on the competition by building up your endurance! Challenge YOURSELF to try something new! I know the life of you hard-working moms and dads can be hectic, but if you follow the schedule to the best of your ability you CAN run the Race for the Roses on April 5th.

For more information contact me at and I will send you all the details.

See you in class!
Instructor Erin B.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - Jan. 19th, 2009


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is tomorrow and many of you have emailed about classes.
I had thought we were having normal classes across the board, but found out yesterday Nike has no group exercise classes tomorrw. Nike Moms, know you are more than welcome to join us at any of the other classes. Please write "Nike" on the sign in sheet beside your name, because it helps me with numbers for Beth. Mamas, please pass the info on to your Baby Boot Camp friends.

Schedule for 1.19.09

8:00 am- CONESTOGA- Erin
9:00 am- Lloyd Center Mall- Erin B.
9:30 am- Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation- Tricia

Have a beautiful day!

Nonviolence is the answer to the crucial political and moral questions of our time: the need for man to overcome oppression andviolence without resorting to oppression and violence. Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge,aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.
- Martin Luther King, Jr., Nobel Prize acceptance speech, Stockholm, Sweden, December 11, 1964.


Get not only fit, but truly inspired and encouraged in this fitness challenge.

The past two years we have done the Baby Boot Camp BIGGEST Challenge in the Winter. This year we are tweaking it...we are doing the Mother LOVE Fitness Challenge, aka MLFC! Missy Baxter won the Challenge both times after having Max in '06 and Meadow in '0. Last year Missy inspired others by not only losing 23 pounds, 6.7% bodyfat, and 10.25 inches but running the Hippie Chick Quarter Marathon Mother's Day Weekend.

Take this opportunity to not only challenge yourself physically, but empower yourself mentally and socially. We are competing against every Baby Boot Camp across the country for various awards, goals and for YOU...prizes! MLFC is set to keep you motivated and determined each month. The first month focus is cardio inspired by National Heart Health month. Get your heart in the best condition possible through cardio that will challenge you. Additional cardio workout blasts will be added to the schedule.

Mother Love Challenge Participants Receive:

Before and After Measurements
Body Fat Testing
Physical Fitness Tests to measure progress 3x
Meetings to focus on Physical, Emotional and Social Strength and Wellness
Opportunities to win Prizes weekly

Reserve your space for the MLFC NOW, and definitely by January 21st if you want a shirt! Measurements start February 2nd.

MLFC Special-
3 Months Unlimited & Registration for MLFC- Only $180
Normally $230 for 3 UL and $26 for Registration

Mother Love Fitness Challenge
February 2nd-April 30th
Winner Announced at the Mothers' Day Class- May 8th, 2009

First meeting, at Lloyd Center Mall
Saturday, February 7th, 10:30 am

Friendly Reminders

Hi Mamas-

I hope you are doing well and getting back into your post Holiday groove. I have some important reminders that affect our classes.

1. When your kids snack in class, pick up after them. If you leave and notice crumbs on the ground, please pick it up even if it's not yours. I have received emails from every indoor facility that there is a mess after every class. I know we can all get caught up in catching up with each other, or chasing after our kiddos, but we also need to respect the facilities we have class at. What some of you don't realize is I am a "renter" and have contracts with each facility. Meaning, I pay significant rent and if we are not good "tennants" we could get kicked out. This has never happened, and I truly don't feel it will, but do know we need to leave the facilities the way they were when we arrive before class.

2. Flu Season- It is Flu Season, which means our kiddos can get every germ possible. If your child is sick with the flu/stomach flu/fever please don't come to class for at least 24 hours post symptoms. It helps prevent passing the bugs around, and means more class time for everyone. The Baby Boot Camp Team follows the same rules, and we try to keep everyone as healthy as possible.

3. During the Winter, we often forget to drink enough water. Remember to drink a minimum of 64 ounces H2O/Day. Come to class with a full water bottle, and leave with an empty one. Have an extra water bottle waiting for you in the car or stroller for your drive/walk home.

4. In the Lloyd Center Mall classes, please remember the 3rd floor is offices. While we are only upstairs for 20-30 minutes for class, there may be important meetings going on. Keep an eye on your kiddos and please don't allow them to open/close the mail slots on doors after class. It bothers some of the offices.

5. The Last WEDNESDAY Of the Month is CAN DAY! Bring 2 cans to class the last Wednesday of each month: 1/28, 2/25, 3/25

6. If you pay monthly, pay by the 5th of the month. If you need the address again, it is: Baby Boot Camp, 2940 NE 39th Ave. Portland OR 97212

7. The Baby Boot Camp MOTHER LOVE FITNESS Challenge starts February 2nd, get ready!!!

8. Despite there being reminders, HAVE FUN!!! The Sunshine right now is a reminder that our Winter is beautiful and FUN. We may be inside right now, but it is only for 3 more months and then we are back to the various parks and Zoo every day.

Thank you and enjoy every day-

Erin Shirey
Baby Boot Camp Leadership Coach
2007 Franchise Owner of the Year

Baby Boot Camp BEAVERTON and YOU

Baby Boot Camp Beaverton and YOU

You were a trainer in college and let your certification lapse. You taught step and have been eager to get re-certified and teach again. You are a Mom who has been coming to Baby Boot Camp and LOVE it, have a passion for fitness, and want to embark on your new successful business adventure. If any of this is sounding like your thoughts are being read, than Baby Boot Camp is for YOU!

Part of my own goals for 2009 is to hone in and focus on my strengths. I truly LOVE teaching, and realize that more and more each day. I LOVE managing fitness, writing fitness, helping improve people self esteem and wellness and challenging them to go outside of their comfort zones. I also LOVE my little girls more than anything and want to spend more time playing with them and balancing out my own life. I don't feel I can be doing 110% like I try to every day, if I continue at this pace and that would be a disservice to you and me. Therefore, Baby Boot Camp Beaverton is for SALE and I am looking for the right buyer. It is an incredible business, that I built from scratch and has flourished in the past 4 years. The business is set- INCREDIBLE Team of instructors, locations, marketing, and me as a resource to help make the transition as easy as possible and be a Franchise Owner to work with. I am NOT going to just sell it to anyone but eager to find the right person to have the same love and devotion for health, fitness, support and community.

Baby Boot Camp Portland & Beaverton has won many awards and met many goals. Some are:

Voted BEST Way To Lose the Baby Weight by Portland Monthly Magazine

Voted a Family Favorite Outside Activity by Metro Parent Magazine

A Lila Guide 5 Star Pick

Regular feature on Better TV

The biggest Baby Boot Camp franchise

Voted Franchise Owner of the Year 2007

Baby Boot Camp is truly an incredible opportunity to own your own business, be part of one of the fastest growing exercise businesses, be part of an incredibly talented group of women in the Oregon Metro who were once Baby Boot Campers like you and now own their own Franchises. Baby Boot Camp Clackamas County, Hillsboro/Newberg, Lake Oswego/Tigard/Tualatin/Willsonville/Greater SW Portland are all owned by women who exercised alongside you and were once Baby Boot Camp Portland & Beaverton Mamas. If they can do it, YOU CAN TOO!

For more information, please email . Don't wait, make your dreams happen now. Be fit. Be stong. Be together.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

1/15 Sellwood Class Cancelled

Unfortunately it's our 2nd week into the new year and our beloved Anne and Emerson have both fallen victim to flu bugs. As a result we are changing tomorrow's schedule so Anne can stay home to recooperate and Erin S can take care of her sick kiddo.

Sellwood class will be cancelled tomorrow (1/15), but PLEASE come to Lloyd Center Mall where I, Erin B ("big Erin") will be teaching a rockin' class to celebrate making it halfway through January! We'll all be working hard while sending our best wishes to Anne for healing and good thoughts to "little Erin" (Erin S) for patience and immunity.

Sorry for any inconvenience and, as always, if you have any questions or concerns please email

See you tomorrow!
Erin B.

New Year Balance- New Year, New Goals, New You!

New Year, New Goals, New You!

As a Mom, we all experience the challenge of finding time to be the healthiest person possible. We sometimes feel pressure to be the Super Mom who is a size 4 and well put together, all while home making every ounce of her child’s baby food. Some Moms think at the beginning of every year, “I will wake up at 5:00 a.m. to be at the gym before my family wakes up every day”, or “I will never eat another one of my kids French fries again”, or “I am not going to drink wine with dinner anymore” or “I am going to make every New Years Resolution I set”. These, as well as many other lofty goals, are quite strict and unfair when it comes to the art of “balance”. Though you may need to make changes when trying to incorporate health and fitness into your life,, saying you will do everything 100% is setting yourself up for failure. There is already enough pressure to be Super Mom, so why not try to have some more manageable goals in the New Year that are attainable and create a better feeling of healthy balance?

1. Goals- One goal at a time - To make a change that will be incorporated into your life, it takes 3-4 weeks. This means if you start one the first week of January, it will be an established part of your life by Valentine’s Day. A good way to look at goals is take them step by step. Think of every week as a “check off “and monitor how you’re doing. With your goals, and the mindset of establishing a healthy sense of balance, try to focus on one or two goals at a time verses every goal at once. This process helps you to succeed.

2. Water, water every where- Water is one of the essential pieces to every persons’ life. When you are active, experiencing less sleep, and feeling stressed you need to up your water intake. To function, you need 64 ounces of water each day, or 8 - 8 ounce servings. If you are very active, nursing, and/or pregnant you want to increase that amount by an additional 2 to 4, 8 ounce glasses of water. Two key ways to help make this happen:
One- Purchase a recyclable 32 ounce water bottle and use that water bottle as a monitor. When you first wake up, drink 8-16 ounces of water before having your morning coffee or tea. After your coffee, drink another 12-16 ounces of water. Before you know it, you have had third of your daily water and it’s not even 10 a.m. Refill that container and know you need to drink 2-3 of them each day.
Two-Often I hear “I don’t like the taste of water”. Spruce it up! Add some lemon slices, lime slices or frozen berries. Add a little bit of Propel Fitness Water to splash it up a bit.

3. Food Diary - Keeping a Food Diary is essential! It truly helps you recognize what you are eating, and how much of it. Keeping a Food Diary helps you monitor your intake verses output. When you do get in a routine of it, you can gradually estimate what you ate and write it in your organizer or Palm Pilot. Refer to the Food Guide Pyramid; it is the bases of a healthy diet. This is one goal that is attainable, helpful, and supportive in monitoring your nutrition.

4. Set aside time to move – Movement is essential when wanting to get in better shape and lose weight. Don’t put pressure to move 2 hours each day, but start with 20 minutes of exercise 3-4 days each week. Gradually build to 60-90 minutes of activity most days of the week by December. You will find your body craves to move, and your mind craves the time to yourself. Try to schedule your events around exercise too. Such as a walking date with a friend instead of going to lunch, or a Forest Park Hike with your sister and your kids instead of going to her house for a playdate. If you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up and schedule it in the next day. Make sure your lapse doesn’t turn into a relapse.

5. Sign up for a race – When you pay money and register for a 5 or 10K fun run or walk, you are three times as likely to complete it. Check out City Sports Magazine,, or even the Baby Boot Camp Portland site for some upcoming races to participate in. Once you’ve signed up, you’ve made a commitment of doing it and having to “train” for it. Put aside that time to train for it, the same way you set aside time to bring your child to soccer practice or to a baby gym class. Mark out your time as an appointment to yourself that can’t be broken.

When not chasing after her 2 little girls, Erin Shirey is Baby Boot Camp® Leadership Coach, owns Baby Boot Camp® Portland and Beaverton, Co-Owns POWER Outdoor Fitness, Inc., and owns Power of YOU Fitness. Erin has written for many athletic publications, in addition to being a contributing editor for Better TV. She has a BS in Kinesiology, is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and Fit To Deliver Pre and Postnatal Certified Trainer. To reach Erin,, or 503.703.1269.

Braylon's Baby Wishes

Hi Baby Boot Camp Mamas!

Sweet Baby Braylon is 2 weeks old, and so cuddly! Emerson and I went by to visit on Thursday and had the most joyous time. I couldn't wait to hug Danielle congratulations and hold little Braylon. Danielle is doing INCREDIBLE and so strong! She has been given a gift in Braylon and a gift in that she doesn't look like she had a baby- new Baby Boot Campers I tell you it is a gift because it is not normal, even for us instructors.

Danielle has had a bit of an adjustment with the two kiddos. It is not just the transition of one little boy to two, but that Braylon has Down Syndrome. It was a surprise to Danielle and Bob and was confirmed last Wednesday. Their road ahead is different than what they had originally thought, but they are so grateful to have a healthy baby boy who is truly doing well. He is nursing and sleeping better than his big brother did as a newborn, but will have some obstacles ahead that weren't anticipated. He was a gift already to his family, and is now an even bigger gift in the joy and love he will bring to everyone.

I had told Danielle last month I would set up meals for her family, we decided to wait after the holidays until her little baby was brought home. With that being said, I have now set up the meal/grocery planning through Lots of Helping Hands. It is easy and all done online. The timing is spaced out over the next 6-9 months because little Braylon will require additional therapies in due time. That is when Danielle's family will appreciate coming home to a meal waiting, or the basics provided for them. If you would like to help out, please email me at:

Danielle looks forward to seeing everyone soon and introducing them to little Braylon!

Best to all-

Erin Shirey

No Class at CONESTOGA, January 14th

Good Morning,

Unfortunately it is not so good for some of the instructors. There is some stomach crud going around and juggling had to be done. There is NO CONESTOGA Class this morning, but there is:
9:00 am Lloyd Center Mall
9:30 am Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation Department
9:30 am Nike

Apologies for any inconvenience and I wish you a wonderful day.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Are You Ready to WORKOUT?!?

2009 is here and we are ready to workout! Come join us for any of the 4 classes to get your Monday started right!, especially after the Holiday Break and snow craziness of '08!

Monday, January 5th, 2009

8:00 am- Conestoga - Erin S.
9:00 am- Lloyd Center Mall- Erin B.
9:30 am- Tualatin Hills Park & Rec - Tricia
9:30 am- Nike - Erin S.

See you in class- Erin

Thursday, January 1, 2009

We Celebrate Being Blessed with Knowing Melinda Cottam

I write you the sad news that Baby Boot Camper, Melinda Cottam, lost her battle with Ovarian Cancer on Tuesday, December 30th. She was an incredible woman, who we are all fortunate to have met, become friends with, and shared our children's early memories with. Mel was Mom to 2 year old Benjamin, wife to Michael, friend, supporter, cheerleader for you and for Baby Boot Camp. Her battle was fast, less than three months. But she fought hard and shared that she wanted to encourage education to the Moms along the way.

Throughout the past 1 1/2 years that Mel did Baby Boot Camp we got to be good friends, especially this past Summer. She shared with me how she and Ben loved going to classes and being around everyone. She said the comraderie amongst everyone was great, that you encourage each other through kindness not competitiveness in class. That you support one another's challenges in parenting with wishes of hope for an easier day tomorrow, or easier way of coping with the next tantrum. She loved that Ben made some little friends and she a playgroup of Mom friends. Mel came to hundreds of classes, every event, Beach Class, and many Mom's Nights Out. Her presence was a gift for everyone.

Melinda Rae Cottam- A Celebration of Her Life
Saturday, January 3rd 2009, 3PM
The Governor Hotel, Portland
2nd Floor, in the Billiard Room

In lieu of flowers, donations to the Children's Cancer Association would be appreciated.

Dress lively...this is a celebration of Melinda's life!

To help support the Cottam family, Melinda's Angels will be created in the next couple days. It is a way to bring groceries, food, and what's needed for the months ahead.

We are embark on this New Year all feeling blessed to have known Melinda and grateful for the memories of her smile after each hill repeat. She was a gift to all.

Much love to you and your families-

Erin Shirey

To send cards:
Michael & Benjamin Cottam
3166 North Winchell St.
Portland OR 97217

Baby Boy Paskins Has Arrived!

Braylon Graham Paskins was welcomed into the world today! He arrived at 9:51 am , weighing 8 lbs, 3oz and 21 inches long. Bob said that "Dani had a natural childbirth and did not call me any names." Way to go Danielle and what a wonderful gift of Braylon to celebrate 2009.

For those of you in class this morning at the Lloyd Center Mall, I wonder if all the cheers of "Push to your limit, just like Danielle is right now!!" worked telepathically for her!

Cody will be excited to be the big boy and show off his baby brother in class soon.

Happy New Years-