Friday, November 20, 2009

thank you thank you thank you

Email  from Instructor Anne to everyone:
On November 28, our very own Erin Shirey is planning to teach her very last Baby Boot Camp class. 


I know, doesn't seem possible right? 
Sadly, we must proceed as if it is nonetheless. So...
*Secret Mom's Night Out, honoring Erin ShireyMeet for drink and apps
Next Wednesday, Nov. 18, 8:00 pmKell's Irish Pub 

Tuesday (11/17), please email me your notes and stories about memorable
moments with Erin. We plan to present her with a little album for her.
Of course, you're invited to contribute regardless of your attendance
plans for MNO.
My Email: apkoski(at)gmail(dot)com

knows we're planning something; she just doesn't know what, so you're
approved to tease her! Also, she won't be on Yahoo Groups until after
this event, so if you want her to read your YG post, email it to

- Instructor Anne
Kells it was and we had a blast!!!!
You are all WONDERFUL!!!! Wednesday night was so very special, I can't
even tell you. To look around and see so many incredible, dynamic,
loving, healthy, active, energetic, supportive and just phenomenal women
who I got to see daily since April 9, 2005, was heartwarming. TO have
read your stories touched me more than you know.

What you guys don't know is I had a file on my computer compiled "nice
emails" and it was the emails I received over the years from BBC
participants about their experience. Our computer crashed 3 weeks ago
and I lost that was my history of YOU. So without realizing
it you guys gave me an even bigger gift with your time to write
something about why you enjoyed Baby Boot Camp, training with my silly
self, training with the entire team of rockstar instructors and newfound
athletic selves. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I love and adore all of you and thank you for being YOU.


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