Friday, December 4, 2009

Cheers to you

Baby Boot Camp started in Portland Metro April 9th, 2005. Since then it grew and evolved into the uber active supportive community of the premier stroller fitness classes that not only a fantastic workout, but also an incredible community.  YOU worked hard at not only becoming outstanding Moms, but also incredible athletes and for a few incredible franchise owners.  You have done thousands of jumping jacks, planks, bicep curls, lunges, airplanes and running races.  To know we all worked so hard together to cheer one another on in every athletic endeavor, and every new baby born is priceless.  As I move on and back to the Bay Area, I look forward to hearing of the stories about class feats, outstanding Moms, and new adventures you have done.  Enjoy growing your new communities within Baby Boot Camp, have fun with the new instructors, and challenge one another each day.   Set goals to go to class at least 3-5x/week during the holidays and the new year to come...get into the best shape possible and have fun with the premier team of franchise owners- Gina, Kristine, Linda, Sharon, Stephanie, Suzy and Trisha.

Gina Lee- Clackamas-
Kristine Moreschali and Linda Huseby- SW Portland-Lake Oswego-Tigard-Tualitin- Willsonville-
Sharon Zemp-Sellwood and greater SE Portland-
Stephanie Summers- Portland Metro NE/NW/North-
Suzy Schlaadt- Beaverton-
Trisha Slade- Hillsboro & Newberg-

Cheers to you!

Erin Shirey
* If you are ever in the Bay Area and would like to go for a run or grab a cup of coffee email me-

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