Friday, August 29, 2008

The Human Race

The Race...

Sunday we were in a sea of red running shirts and did the Nike Human Race 10K. It was Emerson's first race in the jogger, and Makenzie loved to sit along side her. Makenzie was encouraging us to go faster which helped in having Jack and I keep a nice pace. Running with the girls also encouraged me to look around and take in what we were all running and raising funds for- the Human Race. It made me think about Moms and how many of us feel like we're racing against one another, especially in terms of juggling and doing it all, but in actuality are supporting each other in the Mom Race.

Moms in Baby Boot Camp are very supportive and encouraging of one another, especially when it comes to the work-Mom-life juggling act. We all want to be the best Moms possible, and help our kids excel in what they do. We struggle with the question"to work or not work". It is a challenge that evolves over time and that a Mom has no idea about until she is immersed in it. For me, I knew I wanted to be with my kids if I had the opportunity to do so. But I also knew that I couldn't fathom not helping women with exercise and personal training because I loved and was fulfilled by my career. Upon moving to Portland my goal was to start an exercise program to help Moms develop greater self esteem through athletics. What I didn't realize at that time was how integral my Baby Boot Camp business would be to the work-life-home balance for many of us, myself included.
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