Sunday, August 30, 2009

Your gift- think about it

Today has been a tough day with my own kiddos. I have been challenged more than I want to be, and am excitedly awaiting my husband's return home from a Bachelor Party. I have had to bite my tongue for fear I would say something unkind, or react to fast and regret it later. But I have been pushed every which way I feel like a top spinning around and bouncing off of every surface I come into contact with. But I keep moving on...

Now why do I write that here- my blog for Baby Boot Camp? Because I know every one of YOU have had a day like this too. You LOVE your children but are ready to buy a one-way ticket to Hawaii. You want to take a bath and have the door stay locked and know the kids understand if the door is locked it means "do not enter". You are trying to do bills without a sweet little body hopping up and attacking the keyboard in your lap. You are ready to not repeat your request 10 times before the action is done, and have it be done without a tantrum or whining. Today is a day I have to believe is a gift let's me know how strong I am as a Mom and attempting to keep it together.

I have had quite a few times today of taking 5 big breaths before my next action, using my patient voice when wanting to YELL, consoling my little ones when wanting them to come and console me as I clean up the 100th mess of the day. But I have realized also how far I have come with my two sweet girls and while today has been rough, I need these days to truly test my own comfort zone in parenting. I am grateful for every day as an active and able bodied 33 year old gal, and even more grateful for having my two little blessings. AND days like today, where I went to church with my blessings- who blessing 1 whined loudly and for a looooong time she didn't have her legos with her and only had Barbies' (yes in church) and blessing 2 who tossed her pacifier two pews ahead with a loud screech, are the days I am grateful and honored to have been given them.

My little Blessings make me work harder, try harder, and understand how truly precious life is. They give me more strength to honestly be the Mom they can look up to, just as I do mine. The Mom they know loves and adores them, but also who loves and adores her life and gifts she's been given. I hope you have these days sometimes too. They truly test your patience and understanding of Motherhood, and give you the gumption to go full force and work harder at being the best person possible. Not only for your kiddos and family, but for yourself.



Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What is the NEXT Dream?

What is the NEXT dream?

"YOU must do things you think you can not do"
"I believe that anyone can conquer fear by doing the things he fears to do, provided he keeps doing them until he gets a record of successful experience behind him."
-Eleanor Roosevelt

I went to Washington DC in July with my Mom and Sister. It was my first non-work related trip away from my girls. I was excited, nervous and eager to have fun exploring DC. I have been there quite a few times when growing up, but for some reason, this trip truly had a profound impact on me. May it be that I am now a Mom to two bright and talented girls, and wasn't before. Is it because I am so passionate about health and fitness, and we are in the midst of healthcare crisis as a Nation? Is it because I am embarking on new adventures and dreams this Fall and excitedly open to the changes that lie ahead? Who knows, but it hit me and hit me hard- you honestly have the power within to become a GREAT leader and create your own dreams.

When in DC I went running a lot. It is how I explore a city and my time in the early morning to learn about the new cities sites and smells. I love people watching as I run and waving to other runners. My last run I decided to return to the Lincoln Memorial.

I ran through the Washington Mall towards the Lincoln Memorail and my mind was racing through all the historical events that have taken place there. Mostly I was thinking about the leaders who were eager to make a change and challenge themselves to follow their hearts. It is interesting when looking back in time at those who put themselves out there did so with guts and determination, encouraging others eyes to open and feel the intensity and passion about their various causes. Be it Washington in becoming the first President in a newly independent country, Lincoln helping create a united country for everyone and abolishing slavery, Eleanor Roosevelt encouraging all to have love and respect despite their special needs, or Martin Luther King Jr. who wanted ALL to have equal rights despite their ethnicity or gender.

Washington DCI ran to the top step in front of the Lincoln Memorial to the exact position where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood when he culminated the March on Washington with the historic "I Have A Dream" speech. I looked down the Mall at the Washington Monument and closed my eyes envisioning the thousands of people sharing in Dr. King's vision. The people who came out and needed a leader to listen to their concerns, and be the voice who could speak their words. I was beyond overcome with emotion and started to cry. The passion Dr. King and the other leaders had to not only wish for a change, but MAKE IT HAPPEN despite the unknown challenges is profound. Not everyone will put themselves out there for others, but what people don't realize is how they CAN!

I continued my run and had a vision in my head- that of the leaders practicing the changes that need to happen for our country to be healthier. it was a comical vision of Congress and Senate in their suits doing a boot camp workout on the Mall, but I realized that IS my vision. In order for our kids to be healthy they need to see their parents model the behavior. In order for adults to be healthy they need to see the leaders of all realms of life model healthy behavior. And I am determined to make that challenge at a time.

Thus I ask you, are you walking the walk as you talk the talk? Are you exercising daily, eating your fruits and veggies, taking time to meditate and do something for your own wellness, and are you talking positively to yourself daily? In order for us to implement our dreams we need to believe, and I believe you have the POWER to accomplish anything possible. The hardest part is the first action of commitment, once that is done, map out your dream and make change happen. YOU are a great leader, but make sure to BELIEVE it TOO!

olympics 2008- Erin Shirey, Baby Boot Camp Portland Metro & Baby Boot Camp Leadership Coach
* after the Hulaman Triathlon 8.16.09


POWER Outdoor Fitness FUN
Match maker, match maker make me a wish!
POWER Outdoor Fitness - Single in the City
olympics 2008
"Singleton Class"
Wednesdays, 6:00 pm,
Tennis Courts facing Japanese Garden entrance

Many Baby Boot Campers shared that their sisters and brothers have been eager to find a hottie who can outrun them, or the Baby Boot Camp single Mamas have asked where to find a truly active guy she can have a push up contest or train for a marathon with. Look NO further than this hard core, fun, goofy class that will not only kick fanny but lead to finding an active partner in life.

We have been doing market research at various Portland cones power ooutdoor fitnessgyms, pubs, work events and asked guys and gals what they most look in a first date....and it was unanimous to have fun, not be to serious, be active and laugh! Thus the class came to be!

When: Wednesdays in September
Time: 6:00 pm starts
Where: Washington Park Tennis Courts
Followed With: Pub Fun at Bridgeport Brewpub
NW Marshall & NW 13th

And other news at POWER Outdoor Fitness:
  • Register for West Linn POWER- Tu/Th 6:00 am
  • Register for Portland POWER-M/W/F 6:00 am Washington Park
  • Register for Portland POWER - M/TH-9:30 am Irving Park
  • Brazilian Samba Soccer Clinics
  • Boomer Boot Camp starting in the Fall

Samba Soccer Skills Clinics

Have your kids learn specific skill sets in the manner and tradition of the most successful soccer power in the world. Your kids will also be given training on fitness techniques, easily used on the field or at home to improve muscle and core strength, and improve speed and agility.

Jack Shirey has been a highly respected soccer coach, and soccer player having played for CA State Teams and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He traveled to Vietnam with an international team and helped train his teammates with his intense skill set. Jack did much research and training in the intense Brazilian style of play. Through his training as an instructor in POWER Outdoor Fitness and Soccer Coaching, Jack will coach and train the participants into not only becoming better players physically, but mentally too.
Registration is capped at 12, and a target age group of 10-15 years old. Clinics will be ongoing, one weekend per/month. Email Jack to be on the registration list.

What: Samba Soccer Skills Clinics
When: August 22nd- 1:00-4:00 pm
August 23rd- 10:00-1:00 pm
Cost: $65/3 hour session- capped at 12 kids/clinic
Register through POWER Outdoor Fitness, Inc.


Events- Events- Events
Special dates to REMEMBER:
Playdates, Parent's Date Nights, and FALL KickBall Party, Special Classes * make sure to check the event calendar at left too!!
fun, friendship, sweat, laughs and good times

Sat. September 19th-- 4:00 pm- Baby Boot Camp BBQ & Kick Ball Celebration to toast the Summer adventures goodbye and WELCOME the new Baby Boot Camp Sellwood &
Portland Franchise Owners!
Join us at Laurelhurst Park, park tables and field adjacent to the duck pond and dog park. Bring a favorite item to grill, and item for the potluck. RSVP to Erin S. by September 15th with food item, and number attending.
  • Fri. August 21st- 9:00- 10:15 am- Fitness through the WEEKEND Blast class!!!
    Join Erin for an uber fast class that will kick off your weekend right!
  • Mom's Night Out Monday! 6:30 pm- Join for a special Mom's Night Out at the Movies! We will meet at the Heathman for Appetizers and then see Julie & Julia at the Fox Tower. . .
  • Wed. Aug. 26th- Zoo Picnic! ..Bring a picnic and stay after the zoo class enjoying the relaxation after a tough class.
  • Wed. Sep. 2nd- 10:15 am- Zoo Picnic and Train! bring your lunch and stay after class for a picnic followed by riding the train! A great way to end the Summer with a train ride through Washington Park.
  • Monday, Sept. 14th- 9:00 am- FIRST Zoo Class through the Serengeti! The African exhibit opens up and be the first Baby Boot Camp class with Anne to visit the Lions and their friends! Roar!!
  • Thu. Sept. 24th- 7:00 pm- Mom's Night Out at Portland Rock Gym followed with drinks at Doug Fir Lounge! You have been asking for a rock climbing adventure again, so why not do it NOW! RSVP to Erin B. by Sept. 22nd. Portland Rock Gym is at NE 12th and Burnside.
  • Fri. Sept. 25th 7:00 pm- Get the Sitter and Have FUN for Parent's Date Night Out Washington Park POWER Outdoor Fitness Style! - Get the sitter set now, and join Erin and Jack for a special couples workout at Washington Park followed by late dinner and fun laughs at Bridgeport! Sure to have a blast so get ready now! RSVP to Erin at

August Drills- Does Baseball Diamond

August Drills
does baseball diamond

The kids don't go back to school for one month, so bring them to the park baseball diamond and keep everyone moving!!
* 30 minute workout
Red Sox
Do 3 laps around the bases

Pick one base, stand there do 30 jumping jacks

Run 2 laps around the bases

Pick a new base and do 1 minute of push ups

Run 3 laps around bases

Pick one base and frog hop to pitcher's mound. Frog Hop back to base. Repeat 3 times.

Skip 2 laps around bases

Pick one base and jump over it side-to-side 30 times

30 jumping jacks

Jump over base side-to-side 50 times

Side squat between bases, switch each length. ie: 1st to 2nd base lead with left foot, 2nd to 3rd base lead with right foot.

Pick a base:
- 1 minute narrow grip push ups
- 1 minute wide grip push pus

Caterpillars for 2 lengths of the baseball diamond

Pick one base and sprint to pitchers mound. Run backwards to your base. Repeat 4 times.

Everyone sprints 2 laps, ending at home plate!

Everyone had a Home run workout- congrats!

© 2009 Erin Shirey
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Three quotes to make you think

Celebrate what you’ve accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed.

-Mia Hamm

Dost thou love life? Then do not squander Time, for that’s the stuff Life is made of.

-Benjamin Franklin

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Welcome to SELLWOOD Franchise Owner- Sharon Zemp!

Welcome to SELLWOOD Franchise Owner- Sharon Zemp!
She is rockin' and ready to ROCK YOUR WORKOUTS!

Baby Boot Camp Sellwood has been given a fantastic gift- that of new Franchise Owner Sharon Zemp! Sharon was a Baby Boot Camper and loved how classes helped her, in addition to seeing how they helped other Moms feel empowered as they exercised together. NOW Sharon is excited to take over Sellwood and greater Southeast Portland as the new owner. Many of you have met Sharon in

Sharon ZempSharon comes with an extensive background in coaching and training. She was a competitive LaCrosse player and now trains for fitness competitions. Her passion for fitness overflows. Sharon's husband, Mark, and sweet daughter Nora, are excited for this new adventure for them. The ideas for new classes and events are overflowing!

When I asked Sharon if she was nervous, she smiled and said, ""I am thrilled to be a part of such a great program. I am especially looking forward to sharing my passion for fitness with all of the Moms in the Sellwood/Southeast area." For those of you who have already met Sharon, you probably can feel her joy and passion already.

Welcome Sharon, and goodbye Sellwood! It is not truly a "good bye" but "Aloha" and "Cheers to the new fun times ahead!". Sellwood was one of my first class locations and I will forever love playing in the park after class and swimming with the little ones in the pool. Good memories had, and great memories to be made for Baby Boot Camp Sellwood/Southeast! Hugs to yuu-Erin Shirey

Sellwood Blog-
Sharon Zemp-